Recorder To Randseru: Episode 15

Tetsuya and Takumi were waiting for Atsushi to arrive on his bike. By the time Atsushi arrives, both were taken aback that he was still on training wheels. The two commented that he should be able to ride one at his age, but Atsushi claims that he had been practicing for some time with his sister and mother. Because he keeps falling down, Atsumi quickly asked a mechanic to add training wheels on the bike, thus the current state of his bike. Hina walks over and wonders what is going on, but is also surprised that there are training wheels on his bike as well. She assumes that Tetsuya and Takumi were giving him a penalty, which embarrasses Atsushi. Hina then asks if Atsushi truly cannot ride a bicycle. This causes Atsushi so somehow remove his training wheels using his bare hands.

Tetsuya, Takumi, and Hina bring him over to the riverside on a grassy field where he could not hurt himself as much. Atsushi tries to ride forward without his training wheels but falls down. He continues at it with the three cheering for him and giving him some tips to ride properly. Atsushi continues to fail until finally, by sunset, he is able to ride properly without any harm. Atsushi thanks Hina for cheering for him and tells them that they can go play now. However, Tetsuya and Takumi were in battered states with thanks to Atsushi crashing into them during their failures, so they decided that they should call it a day.


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