KBM Male Division 2012: Round of 96 (Restarted): Overall Impressions

Not too surprised, when KBM restarted itself, stricter set of rules makes it harder to vote. With numbers not even passing 200, voter participation is worse than when KBM first revealed itself. Is doubt between the administration and its voters going so far as to restrict only themselves to be voting. Sure, it may be a trail to see if this idea works, but while character distribution between various series has increased, lack of voter participation make it seem as though it is truly a “restricted” moe tournament, similar to what AST has been doing for quite some time. KBM used to be international and open to everyone, at one point boasting the highest amount of voter participation only to be outdone by ISML last year. Is KBM’s Cinderella story reaching midnight sooner than one predicted? Is the bubble burst going to cause further problems for KBM in the future. I hope it will last as far as it can go.


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