Tasogare Otome X Amnesia: Episode 2

It all started with a spreading rumor. It only takes a single encounter to change the course of one’s life. To which it would make it better or worse is decided by those who are around such a fated encounter. Such would be the test Teiichi will be in as he ventures inside the old school building. Teiichi originally wanted to go somewhere, but since the school itself, old and new building combined, is like that of a maze, Teiichi would easily get lost without knowing where he was going. As he was venturing around the old school building, a rumor about a ghost girl appearing in the old building would haunt his mind. Naturally, he would want to reject such ideas and focus on the task at hand, but then, he enters a room where he believed was just another strong room. There will stand a beautiful girl who was inside the room, waiting for someone to come inside.

This girl, who calls herself Yuuko, would help Teiichi find his way around the school building. As she was directing him around the school, she tells him up front that she is the ghost everyone was talking about. However, while she lingers around the old building, she does not recall any grudges nor has any memory of her past life. In short, she was a ghost with amnesia. Naturally, Teiichi does not believe her since he can see her. If she was a ghost, he would not be able to touch her, but them he does so, he accidentally grabs her breasts. Yuuko was actually very glad that he did that, for he would be the first person to not only see but also feel her as well, someone who should be a ghost.

After that small incident, Yuuko would do whatever it takes to touch him as much as possible, going as far as clinging on his body or forcing him to die down on her lap. Yuuko wanted to enjoy every moment of her special partner that does all the things she had wanted people to do for so long. She tells him that there may be a point when they will not be able to do this ever again. Teiichi does not want this to happen, so Yuuko decides to give in a kiss in the forehead, much to his dismay. Teiichi wonders if she truly is a ghost. Yuuko goes on to tell an old story about how their land was cursed and how the city trapped a student in this school due to the curse. Teiichi would see visions of Yuuko calling out for help. Teiichi wonders in the visions he sees are true and remembers the rumor that he was once scared of stated. Quickly, he ran away from her arms and ran back to the school building. Doubt and truth clouded his mind as he wanted nothing more but to see if his instincts were true. Returning back to the room, he smashes the mirror he once saw, finding out that it was a trapdoor. Yuuko would tell him not to enter, but he steps in and falls into the decrepit room where the body of Yuuko, now a mere skeleton with her former clothes, would lay. Instead of being angered, Yuuko would actually break down in embarrassment, not wanting him to see her in such a naked state. Thus clarifies that she indeed is a ghost.

A few days after their first meeting, Yuuko would turn the room into a club dedicated to search for paranormal things, ironic because she was a part of the occult as well. Teiichi decides to use this room for a while until someone actually opens the door asking for his help, as she cannot see Yuuko. The girl, Momoe, would ask him to find a doll that she was using for a game, hide the demon. Here, she wrote down Yuuko’s name on the doll, counted to ten, and stabbed it, telling it it was her turn to hide. However, when she turns to find the doll she once placed, it disappears. Momoe tells him to find the doll, for she was too scared to go out on her own. At first, Teiichi was reluctant to do such a thing, despite having a club named to take care of such supernatural events, Yuuko tells her this was a good opportunity to find out something about her past.

Later that day, Momoe would walk around with a charm, but Yuuko handmade it; therefore, it was just a slip of paper. Yuuko also reveals a doll that she happened to pick up that matches the same exact description as the type of doll she used in the ritual. In the end, it was never about figuring something out, but her having fun. However, it is true that she herself believes she is suffering from a paranormal shock, for if one can materialize what should only stay in their minds, then she has no way of finding help getting out of it.

Momoe would eventually figure out the charm was a fake as she sees a demon appearing in front of her, which was actually Yuuko dressed up in typical ghost-maiden clothing. Teiichi would help her run away from the demon and hide. Teiichi, taking out a “real” charm, would use it to “purify” the demon, revealing the doll once stabbed by her. Momoe would thank him before leaving. Yuuko goes on to explain that those who are afraid of her will materialize her in such a way that they wanted her to be seen as. Therefore, she was frightened of it.

While the case was solved, there were still many things that Teiichi does not understand and wish there will be some form of connection as to why Yuuko’s spirit still lingers later. Momoe would come back again to not only thank Teiichi but also tell him how cool he was back then. Easily she was interested in him, which Yuuko did not like. I guess even ghost can get jealous sometimes.


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