Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Episode 2

Finally, after many spawns of enemy attacks, it was now time for the tide to turn on Nyaruko’s side. Nyaruko calls for time to stop, and she and Mahiro were headed toward the greatest theme park of space, home of the enemy base disclosed by the illusion of a fun and loving theme park. Although her mission was to defeat the main enemy, Nyaruko was having too much time having fun and cooling off before the main fight. Of course, Mahiro wanted this madness to end soon, thus forcing her to pay attention to her work. The two would then find themselves in front of a cathedral that was actually an underground auction for human slaves such as Mahiro. Both of them enter the base, only to be rudely greeted by the owner of the theme park and the enemy they were looking for, Nodens.

Nodens quickly reveals the world they were standing on: right in the middle of the auction room. While Nyaruko was ready to take him on, apparently, her opponent would be Kuuko, a Cthugha, who was also her kind’s archnemesis as well as someone whom she knew since kindergarten. Kuuko easily had the advantage when Nyaruko was not looking. As she clasped her, Nodens would bring them to a world where their fight would not be disturbed. Here, the two would clash back and forth using various techniques that they know, but Hyaruko appears to be on the receiving end as Kuuko takes full advantage of the simple things she forgot since grade school. Nyaruko would find herself bound into a bed, where Kuuko would be aroused just seeing her in a helpless position. Apparently, Kuuko had been in love with Nyaruko ever since kindergarten, much to her dismay. Although, Kuuko would find various ways to get her aroused so that she can potentially have intercourse with her, Nyaruko states that she was her virginity to be taken by Mahiro, whom she was still worried about. This quickly angered Kuuko, for there was someone whom Naruko loves. Kuuko was about to go out to kill Mahiro so that Nyaruko can forget about him and Kuuko can have her all to herself. Of course, Nyaruko would have none of that and finally started to get serious about defeating her when Mahiro’s life is at stake.

Meanwhile, Nodens captures Mahiro and sets him up for an auction. Up at a precarious position, Mariho remembers the charm that Nyaruko gave him before and opens it, revealing Nyaruko in a Planetary Defense Organization suit. who had just came out from defeating Kuuko. Nyaruko would quickly free Mahiru as the people at the auction disappeared, leaving Nodens by himself. Nodens attempts to leave when the two stop him dead in his tracks. To his defense, Nodens stated that he was going to use Mahiro as the main protagonist for a boys love TV drama, but Mahiro would have none of that and orders Nyaruko to defeat him, which she does in a blink of an eye.

With her mission over, it was now time for her to depart. Nyaruko thanked him for being the person whom she was supposed to protect. It may have been tough in the beginning, but she truly appreciated his hospitality despite all of the chaos that occurred around them.  Mahiro does admit that things will be quieter without her, but because she was only here for the mission, he was prepared for such a thing. Before she goes away, Mariho calls her my her first name. Nyaruko leaves with a smile and disappears, causing time to return back to the way it should be. If anything, Mahiro would slightly miss her, but knew that this was supposed to be. Mahiro returns home, only to find out that Nyaruko was at his house, anticipating for his arrival. While their main threatwas destroyed, there were still several other organizations that may want to take Mahiro’s life. Therefore Nyaruko would apparently be staying with him pretty much for the rest of his life, much to his dismay, yet glad at the same time.


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