Recorder To Randseru: Episode 16

From Moriyama-sensei, everyone in class would have to write down what one would want to be in the future. While Atsushi wanted to be like everyone else, in truth, he was stating that he wanted to be on the same size as everyone else. Of course, one cannot physically alter one’s growth, for it is a bodily thing, but many of his classmates knew what he was talking about. At the same time, Atsumi and Sayo received papers of future plans that they might have. Atsumi wished to be either a nurse, policewoman, or a waitress, to which Sayo comments that it covered pretty much everything. Atsumi only cared about her job as long as it allows one to wear a uniform. Of course, what she meant was that if she had a uniform, everyone would see her differently and probably more respectfully in terms of age, since she was so short.

Back at home, it seemed like both of the siblings were lamenting on what they should do for their career. For Atsushi, it seems like he is willing to do anything, so pinning something down would be hard, as he gets easily distracted by what he wants his future goal to be from outside disturbances. Atsumi claims that she might want to go to a university first before deciding anything. As Atsushi wonders what career he should take, he decides to get some insight by asking Take-nii about his dreams, much to Atsumi’s concern due to the type of person he was. Of course, this would open a big wound for Take-nii, but he turns those words into encouragement as he now sees that maybe there is hope for him left in this world. He gives him one pointer that most men aspire to be.

The next day, Atsushi would thank him for his thought for his homework, much to Take-nii’s confusion. When it came time for Atsushi to state what his goal was, Atsushi, relaying what Take-nii said, stated that he wanted to be an actor for a porn movie. While more realistic than trying to be the same height as everyone else, it was not exactly what Moriyama-sensei had in mind.


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