KBM Round of 32: Results 7-8 (Restarted)

Group 7 – Just not there yet

Nurarihyon and Okimura Rin battle it out once more in a rematch clause to see who is the better demon of the two. Again, this is a term between age and experience. Clearly, Nurarihyon has the edge here in terms of power and experience. As the oldest and longest living clan member in existence, Nurarihyon has seen it all and done it all. He remembers when he was like Rin, thinking he was tough and going all out because of it. Rin comes in here much more confidently. Because he was able to defeat him once, he would be sure to be able to defeat him again this time. However, with a lower vote count, things would change. When Rin (58) became overconfident, Nurarihyon (67) would take advantage of an easy play and get a solid victory. Rin needs more practice and training.

Group 8 – Bound by Soulidarity

It can be about honor; it could be about tradition, but these two fighters, Kimihiro Watanuki and Hajime Saito, it was all about the honor of their fight. Watanuki was fighting not only for his right to be free from seeing spirits but more so to defend all the things that are happening in the background that he subtly notices. He wants to help those who have treated him well, and what better way to show his way by winning a tournament like this. For Saito, he may be an expert fighter, but he knows when to fight and when not to draw a sword. Saito is better with training new recruits and teaching them a lesson about how one should see life. He may not be the most talkative of people, but he knows how to get the job done well. In a clash between who is more right, it would be Watanuki (68) having the final say over Saito (52).


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