Medaka Box: Episode 3

The first part of the episode shows Zenkichi’s high loyalty and respect when it comes to Medaka. Sure, he may not share the same viewpoint and antics as her, but given a situation, anyone who tries to bad-mouth her will be sent to the other end of the earth if needed be. His loyalty is shown when a couple of thugs wanted him to join their group. Apparently, the leader of the group was running for presidency, and he was massing votes by scaring others to vote for him. Of course, Medaka would happen to listen in on one of his antics and made quick work of him. He wants revenge for what had happened and wished for Zenkichi to join his team. He knows that Zenkichi himself is already nerved by the her personality and thought that he might wish to finally deck it out on her in the end. The two walk up to the rooftop where the leader, Kanoya, would tell him about his plans as well as give him a chance to decide by entering one of their meeting later today.

Naturally, after the conversation was over, Medaka would overhear them form everything that they have said. Of course, Medaka would do nothing about this. While others appear to hate her, Medaka would love them. In fact, Medaka loves everyone in the school, including those who sprout hatred for her. It is the type of person Medaka is. I do not believe the term hate or dislike is in her dictionary at all. While Kanoya was leading his group, Zenkichi would enter their classroom. Although, Kanoya was pleased that he came here, Zenkichi had other ideas besides what he wants by not only knocking all the weapons at their disposal away from them but also giving a clean beating to Kanoya. For Zenkichi, having Medaka living a grand life without anything bothering her or slowing her down (if anything can) is his current goal. He wishes to make sure that Medaka would do through her presidency without any problems; therefore, he will do any work in the background for her sake. Call it whatever you want, but Zenkichi truly cares about Medaka despite the many times he denies this fact.

The second half of the episode would truly determine just how far he will go for Medaka’s sake. A new job for them was implemented as Nabeshima Nekomi, a “captain” of their judo club, wanted their help for choosing who will be the next captain after she is gone. The two would go to the judo club to check it out, and Nekomi would humbly greet them, but there seems to be a factor that Zenkichi had in mind. Appearing in the club room in a rather revealing entrance, Akune Kouki would quickly walk up to Medaka and show his sincerity for her, going as far as acting like a cute puppy in front of her.

However, when it came to the interactions between Kouki and Zenkichi was nothing more than hate. Apparently, Kouki has been acquainted with both Medaka and Zenkichi back in middle school. Most of the time, Kouki would be in the sidelines admiring/stalking Medaka from the background. While Kouki is head over heels for her, he is very jealous of Zenkichi who stayed with her throughout the entire school year and would do anything to be in his position. Although Zenkichi would like nothing more than to be away from Medaka’s grasp, he believes that Kouki would not be able to handle or catch up with her fanatics. In fact, be believes that he himself is the one who is able to keep up with her no matter what she does. The inadvertent rivalry between the two (Kouki’s jealousy and Zenkichi’s annoyance) causes Nekomi to act upon it. Nekomi knows that Zenkichi has been going through various sport clubs as of late. While they see it as club crashing, Zenkichi treats it as training to better himself as a fighter. Nekomi states that the two should have a fight. If Kouki wins, their status/roles will be reversed, meaning that Kouki would be a part of the student council while Zenkichi joins the judo club. Of Zenkichi were to win, their roles will stay the same. Apparently, Nekomi knows that Zenkichi is well-trained in judo and wishes for him to be their successor, which was her plan all along. While this is a great chance for Zenkichi to get away from Medaka, can he simply lose in a match that Medaka was watching?


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