KBM Round of 32: Results 9-10 (Restarted)

Group 9 – Giving the Hand

Hatake Kakashi and Kuronuma Sawako each have their own share of hardships, but they were able to pass on their kindness to others, however cryptic it would be. For Kakashi, he was trying to tell his students about helping others no matter what the situation calls for. True that one should follow the law, but if one were not able to protect their comrades, how could they be considered ninjas? Sawako was always misunderstood the entire time. It seems that no matter what kindness she portrays, many people would see it the wrong way, but with the help of new friends, she was able to clear them all and bring a smile to all. In the end, it would be Sawako (68) who would get her shining moment over Kakashi (64).

Group 10 – Helping each other out

Fujisaki Yusuke has been known to help other people out in times of need and trouble, asking for it or not. Kurusu Shou has been known to ask for help during certain situations that he does not wish to be in. Taking it simplistically, match between asking and accepting help is quite odd as the two would be simultaneous with each other. Yet, a match suggesting something like this occurs. Shou would be the one telling Yusuke about his problem, Yusuke would do whatever it takes to get the job done. However, even Shou would want to try to stand up for himself, even when he knows that the road might be a bit tough. With that kind of determination, Yusuke cannot help but step back to see if Shou has what it takes to perform the task in hand. When Shou (77) finally gets the victory, Yusuke (51) can say that the moe tournament would be safe as long as it is on the hands of Shou.


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