Nazo No Kanojo X: Episode 3

I am really enjoying how this series in particular is portraying the average teenage adolescent undergoing the stages of life as well as peeking into the realm of the adult world. Something about Akira and Mikoto had some sort of click or feel to it. It is hard for me to attempt to express this in words, but there is something about this mysterious couple that I cannot help but bring a smile on my face every time I see them interacting with each other when a certain moment occurs. I wonder if I find this more realistic in terms of teen romance than other series (which is ironic because Mikoto continues to be as mysterious as she can get. Then again, it helps that the environment, background, and music usage help increase this odd feeling about the show as a whole).

We first start off this episode with Akira accidentally walking in on best friend Ueno Kouhei kissing classmate Oka Ayuko. This surprises Akira, as Kouhei originally told him that he does not have a girlfriend. However, Kouhei admits that they have been together for at least a year already an wanted to keep their relationship a secret from everyone else. The thought of Kouhei and Ayuko mixing together never crossed his mind, but, at the same time, no one knew that he and Mikoto were going out as well. Of course, as a growing teenage adolescent, Akira would be enamored with the kiss they newly discovered couple just had and wished if there was any sort of thing will happen with him and Mikoto in time.

By the next day, it appears as though Mikoto was able to sense Akira’s curiosity on what a kiss feels like. During their walk home, Mikoto asked if they can go to the park to do their homework. From here, Akira would reveal Kouhei’s secret to her, however good or bad tht may appear. Mikoto decides to ask upfront if he wanted a kiss from her, to which he stated yes. Instead of a kiss, Mikoto gives her some of her drool placed in a test tube, telling him to taste it when he goes to sleep. Eager to find out how it will be, Akira would go home and quickly go to bed. During this time, he dreams that they actually kissed each other, although Akira did not enjoy it because it was sudden and random. He states that a kiss must he done with their feelings connect.

The next day, Akira would be unable to concentrate due to the dream that he had. After school, Mikoto would bring him over to the park and kiss then and there. While Akira is pleased, he does not take the chance, believing that the words from his dream are exactly the thoughts in his mind. Much to his surprise, Mikoto agrees with him while giving with a certain smile and blush on her face. Although the two are boyfriend and girlfriend, maybe it would be best for them to take this slowly and have their development come when the time arrives. The feelings in which both harbored during that time was equalized, so he could have gone for a kiss, but decided not to. Again, there is just something about this couple that brings a smile to my face, be it their odd interactions or not.

The second half of the episode would finally spark the first set of tension between Akira and Mikoto, if their first meeting and Akira’s attempt to understand what a relationship should be like were not enough. Here, we finally get a chance to see someone else who has his sight on Mikoto: soccer player Ogata. During a clean-up, Ogata would help Mikoto carry out some trash outside, only to use this as a chance to confess to her. Mikoto would tell this to Akira, who was obviously surprised by her statement. Upon asking what her response was, Mikoto stated that she wanted to wait until tomorrow to give him his answer. Of course, as a growing adolescent, Akira takes this the wrong way, beveling that Mikoto wishes to use this night to decide who to choose between him and Ogata. He goes on to believe that she should have told him no because the two were going out, but Mikoto did not wish for him to say or do anything, for it was her problem to deal with. Mikoto would instead come up with a plan of her own to see if a relationship between her and Ogata can truly work.

The next day, Mikoto is seen not wearing any underwear, evident when she was covering her skirt due to the strong winds today. During lunch, Mikoto would go outside with Ogata following her from behind. Mikoto tells him to close his eyes as she places her drool in his mouth. However, Ogata does not seem to react to her drool, to which she concludes that they cannot be together. After school, Mikoto does the same thing to Akira, but Akira actually gets a nosebleed what was somehow beautifully animated to symbolize that he was the only person who can truly be around him and be called her boyfriend. I have not seen something like a nosebleed, usually treated for comedic reasons due to sexual interest, portrayed in such a comedic, yet serious and dramatic as well as beautifully animated before. That scene in and of itself caught me off guard greatly. Akira wondered why he reacted this way, to which Mikoto claims that it was due to her own feelings that she was not wearing any undergarments today to prove a point: that he was the only one for her. While a strange way to confront a problem, it still solved it nonetheless. The show would end with the two holding hands as they walk back home, but a strong wing would blow her skirt high enough for him to see her behind and perform the comedic nosebleed in the background that most male characters suffer from.

Truly, this is getting a place in my heart and my be one of the better things this season as to offer. This is in one of my top choices for best show of the season along with Sankarea. I may want to watch other shows that people are talking about now that the three episode counter is up for most of the shows already.


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