Aquarion Evol: Episode 17

Most animes have to go through the mysterious process known as the “beach/pool” episode where fanservice is mostly a given. Aquarion Evol was not an exception, but what I do have to say is that the feelings that came out of the episode was mostly…odd, in a sense: the symbolism of a banana and how it is related to the beginning of time. Is the meaning of the banana supposed to be important in regards to what the future holds for our ten (or more) heroes, or will it only happen in this episode?

This episode starts out as an awkward start for Amata after their mock battle. Now that Zessica has openly stated her feelings for him, the relationship between the two was unclear. Because Amata still likes Mikono, he was about to tell Zessica about this, but she already knew of this, but did not wish to hear it from him. Amata wished to say more, but Mikono caught them conversing, misunderstood what was happening, and left, with Shushu leaving scratch marks on his head. Later that day, Mix would converse about what happened with the two girls reminding them that love was forbidden and that people could have died during that fight had it been real. Andy and Malloy would also talk to Amata about the same thing, with both stating that one cannot help it since it is human nature to love.

Their conversation would stop short when Fudo and Crea send them a secret message. Here, both of them tell the ten, which also included Yunoha, Sazanka, Cayenne, and Sharde about a top secret mission that only they can do, receiving nothing else in terms of information other than a handmade guidebook most likely written by Crea. Having no other choice because such little information was given, the ten decided to take the task. That morning, the vectors would be autopiloted to the destination while their ship followed from behind. Andy claims that the thing that they were supposed to search for might be the legendary Aquarion from the stories, reminding Amata, Mikono, and Zessica about the vision they saw. If that is the case, then it could be that their fight in the future would be much more serious than one would have originally believed. Even so, Amata is still focused on fighting against his fate so he could be with Mikono.

The ten with Sumoi, who was suppose to supervise them, arrived to a large lake that looks very similar to the place where Apollo was said to be protecting from the enemies of the forest from the OVA. If their destination was here, I immediately assumed that they were going to dive into the lake to search for the missing Aquarion, but the episode stated otherwise. Instead, they were told that they had free time at the moment until orders are given. While the guys have normal swimsuits with a possible white hoodie, all the girls’ attire were very eye-catching, including Sumoi, who was hiding a nice figure under her sister attire.

The interactions between the characters outside of the boys observation of the girls were some of the important highlights of the episode. The first interaction encountered was Andy and Mix when Mix accidentally hit a beach volleyball directly at his head .The two would go to the ship to treat his wound, but before Mix leaves, Andy stops her, wanting to talk to her more with just the two of them. Mix would be confused about what he wanted to say to her as Andy became more forward with her. Andy wanted to confess to her, saying that he wanted to fill the hole in her heart when their war was over, but the words slip out as him wanting to insert her genes on her, which would easily make Mix piss after expecting something else to come out of his mouth. This was rewarded with a hard slap across the face as Mix walked out of the plane that shouted that he hates him.

Probably the more interesting interaction was between Mikono and Zessica when they were alone together. It is interesting how both of them were jealous of each other and wished that they had a part of their personality in their own. Mikono liked how Zessica could be open and honest about her feelings and her ability to get it off of her chest, something that Mikono would usually hold in even if bad things were happening to her. Zessica that she always wanted to be like her as well, always humble and doing her best with boys wanting to protect her. Mikono states that Zessica is popular and, therefore, would have more admirers, but Zessica claims that boys would like Mikono in the end, something that Zessica’s personality would not be able to manifest. I find it interesting the two were able to find something of which they lack in their rival. It is almost as though, just like their hair and eye color, their personalities were flipped as well. Is it possible that the two are related in some way, for it is mere coincidence that their features are what made them who they are?

Their conversation would come short when a frost-type Cherubim from the original series invading their lives. The nice sunny day quickly turns into a blizzard, freezing the lake they were once swimming on. As everyone takes cover, Andy would subconsciously wish to crawl into a hole after what he just did, causing him to unconsciously dig a hole through the plane and into the earth’s crust. Mix, Yunoha, and Malloy would question what Andy was doing and try to get him while Amata, Sazanka, and Cayenne got on the vectors and transformed into Gepard to deal with the Cherubim. Mikono and Zessica would hide in a cave, believing that Amata will save them.

Gapard would try to fight, but the vectors would be too col to even touch the levers. The Cherubim would take this advantage to freeze Gepard. Meanwhile, Andy would dig deep enough to find one part of the legendary Aquarion hidden in the earth. Before Andy realized what he did, hot water would gush out from the hole and shoot to the surface. The warm water, with bananas included, seeped into Gepard and created a warm hot spring with a mixture of the heat of the water with the substance of the bananas. Not only that, Mix, Yunoha, Malloy, Zessica, and Mikono would find themselves inside Gepard as well. With thanks to the warmth, Gepard deassembled and turned into Evol. Here, Evol would launch a multiple infinity punch attack at the Cherubim, revealing the shape of a bunch of bananas before destroying the Cherubim. Although they found one part of the legendary Aquarion, there were still more to find. As Mikage states, the better parts of Aquarion were not found yet.

After their mission was over, it was back to their school life, but Zessica puts on less of a revealing attire into something more formal and less revealing. Here, she would tell Mikono that Amata rejected him, but that does not mean he will stop loving him. In fact, she can love him all she wants because she has nothing to lose. This would put pressure on Mikono, as she, who was interested in Amata, but has not put up a much forward of a front as Zessica has, needs to step up to the plate before Amata actually finds the moment that would change his mind and actually fall for Zessica instead. Surely, things would look interesting in the future, but with the preview, it seems like Zessica will have more problems than what she wished to have.


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