Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Of The Dead Episode 4

There is nothing really much to say about this episode, bar from the fact that it is mostly centered around the un-daily life of Ayumu with the setting as a cosplay cafe. This all started when Ayumu was mad that Haruna broke his gundam model. Orito was glad that he still maintained some boy-like qualities and wanted to take this a step further, therefore, the suggestion of the cosplay cafe. Clearly Ayumu had troubled by going to one and wanted to leave, but Orito stops him stating that he must, for he believes his crossdressing would be cured if he sees cute girls in cosplay doing a better job than him. Of course, he does not know that he did not have a change to fight in his normal form due to the conditions of the moment. Against his will, he would enter the cafe with Orito.

The cafe would act as a standard maid cafe, but Orito wishes to go beyond this, asking for  that special service. It turns out that he wanted the special service would be a tsundere cafe, hosted by none other than Serasvati, much to Ayumu’s dismay. Serasvati states that the cafe was run by vampire ninjas as well, and since many men were turned on by these tsundere actions, this style became a hit, much to Ayumu’s confusion. The time inside the cafe would be a combination of hell and heaven; not only does he have to defend himself (rather, his butt) from Serasvati, he would also be confronted by Seraphim and Yuki, both whom were forced to work since they were Serasvati subordinates. Both would bring a unique flavor to the table as they served both of them.

After eating at the cafe, Ayumu would want to leave, but Orito states that they will take on the maid challenge of getting five maids to go from tsun to dere in order to have anything else ordered for free. Of course, if they fail to do so, they would have to pay a 100,000 yen fine. Ayumu wished not to uptake it, but Orito does so, for it was meant to cure his crossdressing fetishes. Their first opponent would be Yuki, and through a simple interaction with her allows her to reach her dere side, as judged by Shimomura, who happened to be eating at the cafe as well. The second one would be Haruna, who was working there as a part-time job. Ayumu would ask Yuki to bring water to him and helps her pour the water, but Haruna gets jealous and pours the water for Ayumu instead, telling him to drink it, unlocking her dere side. The third was Seraphim, and she mad quick work with Orito, who was enjoying her crude comments, but was sent to the ceiling. Ayumu would ask her to make some food for him, to which she does, the sauce burning the table. Ayumu would eat it with one move, asking for seconds. Sera would tell him not to force himself to eat it, unlocking her dere side. The fourth would be Eu, who was also wearing a maid uniform without the armor. However, Eu would cleverly use her words such that Ayumu could win.

All Ayumu has to do now is defeat the fifth person who turns out to be Mihara Kanami, who took the job due to it’s high pay. Kanami would talk about how his cross-dressing tenancies and how it is scaring Taeko. Ayumu would think of no way to get her good side while Orito escapes form his dilemma, telling Kanami that he likes her.This would actually make her go dere, making the team of Orito and Ayumu victorious. After that event, Shimomura would talk to Eucliwood, much to Ayumu’s surprise. Apparently, he is from the underworld like Eucliwood. What I disliked about this portion was the revelation of his true identity. To me, it felt random and out of place, as if it was merely stated on a while. I say this because the episode would only reveal that message but did not put forth any form of reasoning to it. In order words, I would have expected that Shimomura would talk about how he knew Eucliwood and why he is in Earth as well as his mission. It seemed as though the idea would be swept under the carpet, never to be heard again. I wish they could give us more information about his identity.

And so, the three return home, with Haruna using the paid money to buy Ayumu a gundam model to say her condolences. Of course, the gundam would look nothing like what she previously broke, causing him to weep. Such is the bad luck of a zombie named Aikawa Ayumu.


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