KBM Round of 16: Group 4 Result (Restarted)

Perfect Disguise

It is another clash between the past and the future as Orihara Izaya and Nurarihyon battle in what should be a highly anticipated match. Nurarihyon could be considered the past type of strength. Having lived for a long time, Nurarihyon has harnessed much spiritual power and a destructive force among other demons. Because he was born and raised in the past, Nurarihyon has learned that power was everything along with little care of the weak. Izaya could be considered quite the devil himself. Izaya enjoys things to be one his way and usually finds ways to fool around and toy with other people’s personality. When it call comes to a close, Izaya (65) would tweak just the right heartstrings to have Nurarihyon  (63) defeated. How long will his luck last?


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