Sankarea: Episode 4

I wonder if today is “Lose Your Sanity” day. Am I the only one thinking that those who were related to Rea are starting to lose their sanity points? Maybe I am over-exaggerating or acting sardonic, but it seemed to me that a number of people who were affected by a rich, now undead, young lady like Rea were affected somehow, for better or worse, but leaning on the worse side. Taking a look at her father’s view on her death, we could clearly see that his core is shattered. Her father has loved her for as long as he can remember, so it was natural to see him torn up when he believes that he accidentally kills her. When Rea stood up, there was much happiness for the father, but that glimmer of hope was shattered as he saw what she had become. For any daughter, be it dead or alive, telling their father they cannot be with them anymore, I am sure it would pull their heartstrings, be it a good or terrible personality. However, for him to go as far as bathing with naked pictures of his daughter around him as he loses himself in a mindless realm is not only unhealthy, but quite bizarre in a sense.

Rea’s stepmother seems to be affected by this as well, but in a more materialistic sense than Rea’s father. For her stepmother, it was all about status and role, and if word spreads out that Rea’s missing, her stepmother is concerned that her position might be in jeopardy. It was only until their butler told her what happened that allowed the father to wake himself up to reality, only to have his mind clouded with revenge for the taking away of his precious daughter. However, the remaining maids think otherwise than their masters. In fact, they were glad that Rea was finally hanging out with another man for a possible relationship to grow. They are more than eager to see their development blossom than having to deal with the antics of both of their masters. It seems like the maids are the only ones who obtained a positive feedback from the events that unfolded, except for Mero, for her face remains as neutral as always.

Rea is currently inside Chihiro’s room with nothing on expect for a t-shirt most likely borrowed from Chihiro. She is seen sewing up her wound using a regular needle and thread as if it was clothing, for she could not feel any pain. For Chihiro, a boy with a strong zombie-fetish, to not feeling anything for her, let alone going about to say that she was quite hot when she was living, draws out an important note. For Chihiro, Rea did not have to die in order to grab his attention; he was already interested in her from the start. It would have been interesting how their relationship would bloom had she not have die, but that would not be Sanka Rea anymore? However, Chihiro does bring out a good point: why does Rea feel nothing about her current state. She died, revived as a zombie, has no pulse, and harbors little to no blood circulation, yet Chihiro is actually smiling about her state of being. She can interact and fool anyone all she likes, but the fact that she is an undead will haunt her.

Yet, Rea does not mind this at all; in fact, she is more than happy that she is a zombie: she is relieved. Rea explains in her eyes what it means to live and die. For Rea, living has locked her up in a cage as she is unable to make her own decisions due to her father’s influence on her. Now that she is dead, the shackles that bind her to her household are severed, and she can finally obtain the freedom that she wished her. Yet, her definition of freedom was nothing more than to be around with Chihiro and do things with him, such as going to an amusement park, walking along for shopping, watching a movie, visiting a museum, and the like. For many of us, this was a normal activity that we do once in a while that we take for granted, but Rea has never experienced these things before due to her high status. Now that she is dead, she is free to live the normal life that she has always dreamed of. To live is to be chained; to die, set free. While the analogies seem to be paradoxical, in the case for Rea and her background, we can understand why she views life that way. Her words were easily able to sway Chihiro, and, in a sense, I was intrigued by her way of wording as well.

However, being a zombie has more difficulties that either of them would have liked. While Chihiro was away to confront with Ranko as well as Yasutaka and Mogi, Rea would be seen by herself for the remainder of the time. Hiding her identity is one thing; maintaining it is a different ballpark. When Chihiro finally comes back after the mayhem, he sees Rea wearing only a towel from taking a bath. Of course, he gets excited, now that it was in his head that his ream came true, but Rea is in a dire state right now, suffering from rigor mortis, the chemical inactivity of the muscles after death. While we as viewers know that the hydrangea leaves are the main energy source for zombies, as seen by Babu as he was eating some hydrangea leaves and returned to his normal state, Chihiro does not know that. Time was clearly not on his side as Chihiro has to find some way to maintain her body. The question now becomes how long it would take for him to figure out what to do to keep her from possible decay. Again, time was not on his side, and if he waits too long, it may be too late.


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