Fate/Zero: Episode 17

I do not know whether to dub this “The Melancholy of Tohsaka Tokiomi” or “The Sigh of Kootomine Kirei.” Jokes aside, it seems to be prevalent that the main focus of this episode was around Kirei, as he gained probably the most important character development of the series. While they are many that claim that his development seemed rushed, Kirei still showed not only a slight change of personality but also some important development as a person.

This whole thing stated when Kirei found out that his father had been murdered and brought this information to Tokiomi. Clearly, Tokiomi was angered not because that their priest died but that someone would have the audacity to try a stunt on a well-respected man of the grail war and succeeded. Clearly, things were going down the drain in terms of this year’s combatant’s morality, so Tokiomi wasted no time settling things with his own hands such that no more words were spread about this information, in hopes that there would be no revolt among the servants and masters. To do this, Tokiomi first tried to form an alliance with Saber and Irisviel, but first he has to do something. Tokiomi meets his wife and daughter, wishing to meet with Rin privately. He gives Rin one of his important spell books, telling her to become a great mage one day. When he says such words to Rin as well as Aoi, it almost seems as though he may die from the war.

While Saber and Irisviel were given a letter about his plan, Irisviel and Maria had something else in mind. When the three of them meet up with Tokiomi and Kirei at the church, Irisviel states that, instead of an alliance, they should form a temporary ceasefire such that they will be the last ones remaining to fight against each other at the final fight. Irisveil gives two conditions: Tokiomi must inform them everything that they know about Rider and Kirei must be removed from the grail war for good, stating that there was bad blood between the Einzbern family and him.

When the negotiations were completed and Saber leaves on her motorcycle, Irisveil shows a different side of her rarely seen by anyone, including Saber and Kiritsugu. Here, she tells Maria the truth about herself, how she was created for the sake of the Holy Grail war and the reason she was created.  She talks about how she was able to survive this long with thanks to Avalon and how she was very grateful with the life she has had for all this time. But Maria raises a good question: why her? Why would she tell all of this information to her instead of her lover or her protector? Irisviel claims that Maria would never pity her, and had she told this to either of the two, both would waver for her sake. Irisviel does not wish for that, for she wishes to see her husband’s dream fulfilled at any cost. Maria then tells her that if she were to die, she would die for Kiritsugu’s dream. While Maira may seem cold, Irisviel understands what she is saying. This was Maria’s way of showing concern for Irisveil, despite having a null face.

Having no other choice, Tokiomi would choose to relieve Kirei from the war. Kirei is seen packing his belongings when Archer asks him if that was truly what he wished for, to leave without ever knowing the identity of Kiritsugu as well as the feeling of which he seeks. Kirei has had some doubts before, but after a phone call from someone, that all changes. Now that Kirei has found information on where the Einzbern’s were located, Kirei was prepared to go forward, as he cannot stop now. This makes Archer laugh, for Kirei has just ignored what he plans to do from the beginning. Kirei thinks otherwise. Kirei tells Archer about the true objective of the grail war, how all seven of them must die in order for the true grail to reveal itself and grant the wish for the user. Thus was the reason why Tokiomi was so loyal to Archer without using any of his seals. Now that Kirei has decided to go against his master’s wishes, not only will be seen as an enemy, but Kirei is probably the most vulnerable of the remaining participants, for he has no servant to protect him. Yet, Archer claims that there actually is a free servant who is willing to make a contract with anyone. Kirei asks whether such a servant sees him as useful, and Archer claims that Kirei might suffice as entertainment for such a master.

Later that night, Tokiomi and Kirei are seen in a room by themselves. Tokiomi would give him an Azoth dagger, passed on by the Tokiomi family from generations. Here, Tokiomi claims that this, as well as the letter stating that he will be Rin’s guardian if he dies, proves that Kirei is now a full-fledge mage instead of an apprentice. Kirei would be honored to have such things from him. When Tokiomi was prepared to leave, Kirei’s true face is shown when he stabs Tokiomi in the back with the dagger presented to him. Truly, this is every word of the sense of “backstabbing” someone as we know it. Tokiomi would spend his last breath shocked as Kirei tells him he never took the ticket from him. Archer and Kirei would stare down at Tokiomi as he dies in his pool of blood. Kirei would then form a contract with Archer, now a full participant of the game.

It is from this point that things start to turn awry for all competitors. With two of the most dangerous entities together in the war when they technically should not, everything would have to change. Irisviel is the main person in the pinch with thanks to the events that have occurred as well as Kiritsugu, who now has a large target on his back. What is going to happen now that Kiritsugu is in the worst position he could possibly be in?


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