Nazo No Kanojo X: Episode 4

We finally get a chance to meet Oka Ayuko, Kouhei’s secret girlfriend, and hear her thoughts and opinions about certain matters. Particularly, she is interested in Mikoto and wishes to become her friend. Therefore, Ayuko first tries to get closer to her by eating lunch with her, something that many around them, including Akira and Kouhei, both of whom were very surprised that the two were interacting with each other. Ayuko even offers  Mikoto some of her lunch, of which she accepts. Could it be that the unsociable Mikoto finally found someone whom she can call a friend? Sadly, Mikoto continues to see her as a weird person who suddenly talked to her. Akira was actually glad that the two were talking, because that would mean she is starting to break her stoic personality and trying to interact with others. However, Mikoto states that she does not nee any friends, for all she needed as him. Although the words can be taken with embarrassment, it still would be nice if Mikoto were to be aroudn with more people other than Akira. The two perform their usual routine, but someone was looking at them from afar.

The next day, everyone was allowed to wear their summer attire. Of course, Akira and Kouhei would be very happy, because they were allowed to see their girlfriends in action. Unluckily, they would be performing judo inside the auditorium while the girls were running track outside. During a relay race, Mikoto would fall and scrape her knee. Ayuko would tell the teacher that she would bring her to the nurse’s office, since she was part of the health committee. However, healing her was not the only thing that was on Ayuko’s mind. At the nurse’s office, Ayuko would patch up Mikoto’s leg and give her her sports drink to drink. Here, Ayuko would speak out her mind. She tells her that she wanted to become friends with her since she is interested in her, but Mikoto quickly denies the offer, saying that she does not need any friends. Even so, Ayuko would tell her that she will be by her side whenever she is in trouble.

Ayuko would leave, but Mikoto notices something. When Mikoto tells her to check her leg, Ayuko finds out that she had a nasty scrape on the exact leg in the exact position that Mikoto has. Mikoto then tries out a theory. Mikoto cuts herself and tells Ayuko to come over and taste some of her drool. When she does, Ayuko finds out that she had a cut on her hand as well. Mikoto concludes that they are connected somehow since her drool gives an effect to Ayuko’s body as well. Although Ayuko assumed that they were meant to be friends, Mikoto does not think so. Ayuko then talks about her relationship with Akira and what she saw the other day. Although she finds the concept of the drool interesting, she still wishes to become friends with her. Before she leaves, Mikoto tells Ayuko to take care of herself, since she is also injured because of her.

The next day, Ayuko is seen cooking lunch early, but she is making two to give to someone else. At lunch break, Kouhei conjures a plan that will get Ayuko to eat lunch with him and feed him just like how she did with Mikoto. However, when Mikoto stands up to leave the classroom, Ayuko would be following close behind. Here, Ayuko would want to talk to her about something. Ayuko thinks of something and gives Mikoto some of her drool. When Mikoto tasted it, she found it to be very sweet. Ayuko explains that the drool contained her feelings when she had her first kiss. Her reaction states that Mikoto has not kissed Akira before. Ayako then changes the subject to if she wanted to eat lunch with her, to which Mikoto accepts this time. Akira and Kouhei would witness Ayako feeding Mikoto outside once again. While Mikoto stated that she did not need any friends other than Akira, it was still good to see that she is at least getting along with at least of her classmates. Hopefully, it would not be long before she befriends everyone else in the school, or, at least, become well-acquainted with them.


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