KBM Round of 16: Group 8 Result (Restarted)

To the Next Level

Roy Mustang and Kuromuna Sawako fight in what should be a very interesting match. Roy seems like a stern person, but he cares very much about his comrades and would do anything to save them. Roy tries to send the message to go beyond the call of duty and fight for what one believes is the truth. Sawako is a very friendly girl, but rumors and misinterpretation cause her not to be as sociable as she would like. With the help of a few friends, Sawako was able to go interact with others and find people whom she could truly call a friend. When all was said and done, it would be Roy (55) who would rise above Sawako (48), but instead of raiding his hand, Roy would swoon Sawako enough so that she can feel comfortable then leave without knowing what has happened to her.


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