Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode Of Side-A: Episode 4

It’s morning, and Shizuno and Ako still could not believe they were at the nationals. Before things start to get serious, Harue presents all of them the outcome of the lots. Sadly, they will not be able to see Nokoda’s team until they make it to the end of the nationals, and their current grouping was not the best position they could ask for, for they would have to battle with the former national champion of the nationals at the semi-tournament before they would be able to see Nodoka’s team. Clearly, they were at a disadvantage, but Shizuno and the rest would do whatever it takes to make it to the top, even if it means going far to take on the best team of their country. Because their first match was tomorrow, Haure wants all of them to watch former matches of their opponents to get a sense of what kind of people they would have to go up against. However, Shizuno wishes to perform some sight-seeing to relax before their match starts.

While Shizuno and the rest paid attention to their opponents, Harue took some time to meet up with her coach whom she has not seen for a while. Her coach was glad that she was able to pick up mah-jong and would be glad that she were to continue becoming a professional player, but Harue wanted to do something first. She wishes to see the team she composed go far, to the place where she was unable to go to in order to find what was it that happened back then and what was it that she was missing.

Interestingly enough, we get to see a sneak-peak of how Saki and her team were doing. All were very excited that they have managed to make it this far, but Yuuki seems to be relaxing more so that Nodoka wanted her to. It was Yuuki’s nature to be energetic and go all out. As for Saki, her main goal was solely to meet her sister and challenge her at the finals. However, with Shizuno’s team challenging Teru’s team, will Saki’s or Shizuno’s wish come true?

Their match day has arrived, and Kuro is the first one up at bat. Kuro heads to the tournament with many girls who are also ass highly competitive as she was. Kuro has been waiting for this moment for so long. Kuro has spent the last two years cleaning up the club room, in hopes that someone will come to this room and revive the man jong club for her. When Shizumo, Ako, Yuu, Arata, and Harue enter the room, she felt as blessed as she had ever been, because not only have her friends returned, but she would be able to have fun playing mah jong because of them.

Although Kuro started the round, immediately she is having a hard time getting her groove on as she continues to lose at various moments to her opponents. Everyone was starting to worry about her, but Kuro was not about to give up just yet. When her cards are positioned correctly, Kuro created an impressive hand that all of their opponents were stunned at. Kuro would continue to win with her high points and finish the game on a strong note.

Meanwhile, we get a scene of how Japan’s second best team, Senriyama, was faring. All of them seem to have a joyous time, although Onjouji Toki was still lacking energy while Shimizudani Ryuuka tends her. Funakubo Hiroko, Eguchi Cela, and Nijou Izumi wanted to go sight-seeing, but the weather was too hot for them. The team were ordered to watch matches that were currently happening. The team tuned into Achiga’s match where they were watching the people they met fighting for the victory. While Achiga’s team won, that would mean that they will be the ones they have to face in the next round. In fact, Cela has a plan on how to beat them because their game plan seems easily breakable. There was no time for friendship. All of them have the goal to make it to the top, and they will put friendship aside for their victory, no matter how bittersweet it would be.

The second round of nationals has begun, and indeed Team Achiga will take on Team Senriyama as well as two other new teams. Kuro would have to face Toki, the girl whom they have helped not too long ago. They may be acquaintances, but now is the time to get serious. The next episode should reveal some interesting revelations for Kuro’s match and possibly the remaining girls as well.


2 thoughts on “Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode Of Side-A: Episode 4

    • Many people have been figuring out exactly how this was going to end as well given its fast matches. The best, and seemingly logical, way that one has mentioned was spending some time in this current match (since Achiga is facing a very powerful 2nd place team) and spend the last remaining episodes on the semi-finals (assuming Achiga wins, their match against Teru and her team, the best in the country) and end there regardless if they win or lose.

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