Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Episode 4

With only forty second to prepare, Mahiro decides to kick both of the girls out and stats to clean up the house of any evidence of aliens living here, only to have both Kuuko and Nyaruko return inside when he was finally done cleaning up. Having no choice, Mhiro would forcefully try to get them to obey him, only to have his mother return to see all three of them in a suggestive position. Mahiro attempts to explain what was going on, but Nyaruko makes it worse for him by claiming to be his future wife and Kuuko makes it worse for Nyaruko by claiming to be her future wife. His mother, on the other hand, reacts to this much differently, going as far as threatening them with forks. Nyaruko and Kuuko attempt to explain that they were good aliens that were protecting Mahiro all this time, but his mother wishes for further information.

Despite everything that they said, while ridiculous to a normal person’s ear, Mahiro’s mother would actually believe their story. Apparently, his mother was a deity hunter, which was actually what she does for a living, thus the reason why she is rarely home. Now that she understands where they are coming from, his mother welcomes them to their house and does not mind if they stayed for the time on Earth, much to Mariho’s worry. While Nyaruko was happy about it, sadly, his mother cannot accept their relationship just yet, for she wanted Mahiro to live a normal life without any worries. Therefore, befriending aliens was okay, but loving each other was not. This would, of course, make Nyaruko utterly depressed. To cheer up the mood, his mother would reveal a video game console and video games, much to Kuuko’s approval, since she is an avid gamer herself, just like his mother. Mahiro would be forced to cook for them, but his agony increases when Nyaruko is found behind him while carrying more space ingredients with her. While Mahiro’s words may be harsh, one can tell he is trying to life a normal life as possible. Of course, this would prove difficult when two aliens live in his house. Instead, Mahiro would give in and allow this pace to flow, in hopes that things will settle in the end.

The next day would provide more mayhem as Mahiro wakes up with Nyaruko’s tomfoolery. This time, his mother was there is quell the fighting between Nyaruko and Kuuko, having them leave the house early for school. Mahiro would follow right after, but he bumps into someone in the process. The person turns out to be a short boy with long blond hair in braids. He thanks him for helping him up and is sorry for knocking into him. The boy then leaves, calling him a nice person. Mahiro would come to school exhausted as he and Takehiko talk about Mahiro’s “relatives” while Nyaruko would discuss with Tamao about how to get Mahiro to notice her more, much to his angst.

After school, Mahiro would bump into the same boy again and treats him to lunch. To his dismay, Nyaruko and Kuuko happened to be in the same store as Mahiro and the boy were. Apparently, the boy, Hasuta, was someone the two knew since kindergarten as well. Nyaruko and Kuuko ask why he was here, to which he responded that he was helping out his father for his work. Hasuta was supposed to search for someone, but was lost in the process. The person whom he was supposed to find was Yasaka Yoriko, Mahiro’s mother. However, a shady woman in nunnery clothes happen to overhear their conversation.


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