KBM Male Division 2012: Round of 8 (Restarted)

Once more, we see some interesting matches set for us on the table. My main interest comes from the last match provided for us: Shou vs. Roy. Both of them seem to be equal in terms of strength, so it would be very interesting to see who will attain the victory here by the end of this match. The second match seems to provide much interest as well. Natsume looked quite good with the matches that he had, but Izaya has stated to get on a lucky trend with each successive match. If Izaya is not careful, he might take a big fall here when all is said and done. With regards to the first match, Takano looks to be the victor here, but I would not mind seeing Shizuo win, even if he is up against a tough competitor. For group three, Ciel get himself in another easy match with Jun. Hopefully, he can score a large gap here to show how strong of a competitor he is.


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