Day of Reliability

Today would give me a great smile on my face. For the first time (or what I felt was the first time), I was actually relied on by my grandparents. My grandparents are very hard-working people, and I respect and love more so than my invisible parents. Every time I try to help out chores such as cooking, laundry, etc., they would always tell me that they can do it themselves. I would ask for reassurance, and they said it was alright. My grandparents usually do all of the main work in the household, so I usually ask every now and then whether they need my help. I still do things such as fold the clothing, setting up and clean the dinner table, but I felt as though I can do more that just that.

Then, today came. We were were eating lunch before 12 o’ clock because my grandparents seem to have an appointment with their doctor, when they were quickly done eating and were in a rush to go, I told them that I would do everything needed in their stead. For once, I felt as though I was relied on by my grandparents to take care of the house. Usually, everything would be done in the house then they would leave. Finally, I would be able to do the remaining work that my grandparents usually do not allow me to go to.

I did my usual set up of cleaning the dining table; then it was down to washing the dishes. I have not done that in a while since my grandparents would always do so, but I was finally overjoyed to do this. After making them clean, I would then put some laundry up and fold some already dry laundry and place them in their respective bedrooms. While those were the only things that they have left unfinished, I decided to go the extra mile and vacuum the living room and dining room. I would be lying if I said I was not tired, but since I was in the mood to do more, I did not stop.

I felt like I accomplished something, no matter how simple or silly it was. More so, maybe this proved that I should be more loving to my grandparents who have done so much for me. I’ve done every house chore that I can think of. If anything, the last hurdle that I have yet to accomplish is cooking. That may take time, since my grandparents rarely let my use the kitchen, let alone cook on it, for it was like a sanctuary that I should not touch. I guess it is back to setting up and cleaning the table until my grandparents can trust me on using a kitchen knife and a stove.


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