KBM Round of 8: Group 1 Result (Restarted)

Putting it to words

Of course, both men would wish to settle things in a calmer manner instead of just a physical fight, but it may not be as easy as either would think. Takano Masamune can be considered as a workaholic, as he quickly wishes for things to be done on time without having to rush on deadlines. When things do not go according to plan, Masamune has no choice but to take matters into this own hands. Heiwajima Shizuo is a kind man who cares about his friends, but when one pricks on his heartstrings, Shizuo can get easily violent and will not stop until he himself can stop his own rage. Shizuo was particularly pissed at Masamune’s attitude, to which Masamune had no choice but to fight back. In the end, it would be Masamune (73) that would be able to quell the likes of Shizuo (61).


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