ISML Aquamarine Period 2012: Day 1 Results

It is the first round of ISML, so I was expecting some sort of deviation somewhere here and there, but truly did I ever screw up with my data. I am going to have to rethink some of these as the season progresses until it reaches some sort of equilibrium when everything is said and done.

First, to check on the Nova side. For one, I heavily underestimated the Haganai team. I thought they were the type that would lose hype early, but I should have really trusted their first preliminary victory more. Kobato and Sena clearly crushed their opponents with room to spare (Masami and Irisviel respectively). Sadly, Yozora could not keep up with the challenge, but she was against Yui (AB!), so it makes sense why she lost. The current Kore wa Zombie anime seems to be giving a monster boost for Eucliwood, but does not seem to provide much for Haruna, as she is defeated by a decent 800 votes by Inori. Inori may be more popular that I would have thought. That, or Yuno is just a very weak girl, which she is in terms of voting, but I would not wish to have her as my stalker. Interestingly enough, Subaru manages to defeat Elsie by a mere 12 votes, the closest thus far. I could have sworn it would be the other way around, but I guess I was mistaken. I guess this may mean that Elsie may not be looking too great in the future. Haqua beating Ayase may mean that Haqua still has it in her to go farther, but for how long?

The Stella side did not provide much in terms of interesting results. If anything, someone did say before that the main three Clannad participants in ISML are actually equal instead. I should have taken that person’s words into account. Kyou and Nagisa looked really close in their performance. I could have sworn that Kyou would at least have done much better than that against her friend, but maybe they are around the same. It makes me wonder how Tomoyo will fare if she faces the two of them. Last Order got a bit close to Hitagi than last year. I still do not understand how she remains to be popular icon and looks to be improving in strength. Shinobu looks to be a middle player at best, maybe a bit higher. I thought she would do better on Yami, but I guess her score roughly makes sense.

The first exhibition match was straight through an easy prediction. The second one caught me off guard. I could have sworn that the Inu X Boku team would win at least by picture-voting if people did not know either of the two teams. Surprisingly, it would be the Another team that would get this one. What does this mean? Maybe Another is actually more widely known than I thought, thus having people favoring these two over the other. I had Ririchiyo and Soushi stronger than Mei and Kouichi respectively, but could it be the other way around. That would be some interesting information to take into for future ISML years. Sadly, I doubt either girl is going to make it in next year with scores like that. Well, maybe they will, but the seem to be, for the most part, in the lower half of the chart at best.


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