KBM Round of 8: Group 4 Result (Restarted)

Fire on the Dance Floor

There was much hot feet here as Kurusu Shou and Roy Mustang battle it out to see which of them will advance to the next round. Shou’s kindness and genuine personality has captured the hearts of many, but it was his never-give-up attitude that truly lighted a fire in their hearts. While few know how sickly Shou is, that does not stop him from performing more than 100% in every stage that he is in, causing people to muster up their own courage to stand and face their problems. Roy already possess a leader-like attitude, making sure that things go according to plan or else. While most see him in a dangerous light, Roy is a great leader who cares about the safely and well-being of his soldiers over his own and will have to take the front lines if he has to so that everyone else can be safe. Clearly, neither of them wish to be down after coming so far, but only one of them will have their hand raised by the end of this one. Finally, we see that Shou (39) will be able to defeat Roy (38) in a very close match to determine the last person heading to the Top 4.


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