Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Of The Dead: Episode 5

With Seraphim gone due to vampire ninja duties, she entrusted Haruna to make sure that Ayumu does not perform anything perverted on Eucliwood, However, the problem would not rely on just that. At the house, Haruna would be seen vacuuming the house while Ayumu washes all the dishes. After so, Ayumu meets up with Eucliwood to eat some tangerines, but before she is able to finish a whole tangerine, she collapses.

Eucliwood was running on a high fever, and Ayumu needed to do something to get her fixed up. Ayumu attempted to remove her clothes, but was afraid to do so due to his tainted mind. Instead, he tries to take her clothes off via blindfolded, but not only does he break a cooling fan but Haruna also finds him in a suggestive position with Eucliwood, causing her to beat him up. Haruna would help her get dressed and also make some gruel for her. Meanwhile, Ayumu tries to think of his own way to help her. He calls Shimomura for advice, but, in the end, he performs some ridiculous and perverted moves that Shimomura made up. Apparently, this was so that he could get his mind off of worrying about her, for being with her is enough to make her feel better. What is peculiar about all of this was that Ayumu or Haruno never thought of taking the armor off of her head when placing a cooling bad on her head. One would think that that would be more sufficient in getting her to recover faster, yet they place it on top of the armor above her head. I did not understand that part well, unless they wanted her to have at least one piece of armor to control her magical power, to which they could have used something else.

That night, all was quiet, but Eu wished to sleep with Ayumu, to which he permitted her to do. Of course, Ayumu would not be able to sleep, for this was the first time they were this close to each other. Haruna comes into his room, wondering where Eucliwood was that Ayumu hid, for she found some things that would make her feel better. Ayumu was glad that she was doing this much for her, to which Haruna claims that she was only doing this because Sera asked her to. Ayumu accidentally reveals Eucliwood, but Haruna does not get angry. Instead, she allowed Eucliwood to do what she wants in times like this, permitting Ayumu to sleep with her. However, later that night, Haruna would push Ayumu away such that she would be the one sleeping next to him.

The next day, Shimomura appears in their living room, wanting to check on Eucliwood’s condition. It seems as though the pith of the tangerine was poisonous to those of the underworld; thus, much intake would result to this. Ayumu asks is there was any way to cure her, but while neither Shimomura nor Haruna can remember the exact cure, both knew of various methods that could work. Eucliwood decided to try all of them, for she does not wish to worry them any further. In the end, after all the ridiculous ideas, Eucliwood actually got better. Yet, Haruna was showing signs of a sickness as well. It was here that Ayumu know knows how much Haruna cares about Eucliwood and the length she has done to help her even in her poor state. Ayumu was too focused on Eucliwood  to note that she was suffering as well, yet hid it well due to her personality because she did not wish for anyone to worry about her. This time, it was Eucliwood’s turns to help Haruna out, much to her displeasure. Seraphim returns to see what was happening, only to see Ayumu talking about perverted things with Haruna, causing her to retaliate.

The notion of family seems to be the prevalent theme of this episode. In the beginning, Seraphim states that Haruna was like her older sister when she was eager to take care of the house. When Eucliwood was sick, Haruna stated that Eucliwood was like a younger sister to her, so she wanted to take care of her. When Haruna was sick, Eucliwood stated that she was like an older sister to Haruna. It is interesting how all three of them considered themselves indirectly as family, despite coming from different worlds. It seems as though the time spent inside the household has changed the three to become more emotionally attached to each other than they previously would have. It is the nice little bits that come from this rather random anime that bring out a distinct flavor out of the rest of the episodes. It makes one question exactly who is truly the elder sister of the three. Sadly, all three of them see Ayumu as their servant and nothing more.


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