Acchi Kocchi: Episode 5

The hilarity of this show never fails to amaze me. It seems as though, with each passing episodes, the jokes continue to be funny yet have a natural feeling to it, as if the viewer has no choice but to chuckle at certain moments. The cute and simple designs for all of the characters really bring out the flavor of the type of comedy that this show is. If there is anything that I have to day, for this particular episode, both Mayoi and Sakaki, who are usually on the receiving end on jokes, may need to go to the hospital for a CAT scan on their heads. I do not know how a normal person would survive everything that they have gone through in this episode.

The first episode deals with the cast set during physical education. Before this, we have the girls going through a physical check-up where Mayoi and Tsumiki’s breast grew while Hime gained more weight. With the girl’s arrival to the gymnasium, Sakaki decides to play a game of volleyball, what the class was currently playing inside. Of course, what is a game with the cast without some sort of penalty? The losers of this game would be forced to buy popular items at the cafeteria for the winners. While everyone knew the horrors of going through those lines everyday just to grab a certain piece of bread, Hime, who has always bought a homemade lunch everyday, would not understand why getting certain types of bread were that important for them. It seems to be a trend that Japanese school cafeterias is equivalent to a war zone. Of course, having it compared to Spartans is pushing it, but Hime is too gullible for these types of information. After the horrors of the last contest they did, Hime decides to sit this one out to call it even, since Kyouya was outside playing soccer with other people.

The game would technically be evenly divided, but Tsumiki, who wanted to be in Io’s team, was forced to be in Sakaki’s team by default. I said that Mayoi and Sakaki need to go to the doctors to check their head. Here are a few instances. The game starts, but Mayoi would screw up and bounce off from the net. After that incident, Saki would push Sakaki for him to get the ball, but the ball slams on his face, rebounds, and Io would spike it again on Sakaki’s head, who should he feeling a concussion by now. Later, Kana and Mayoi would fool around with Kana throwing Mayoi at Io, only to have Io perform a German Suplex on her because of it. Mayoi would ask Io to treat her wound, to which he easily agrees to do, much to her surprise. I am surprised they can still move around without much trouble after what they have gone through.

In the later end of the game, Tsumiki would aim the ball at Io, but the ball would hit the ground. While it technically gives them a point, the whole point of that shot was for her to pass her feelings to Io, of which he did not receive. At the near end, Mayoi would attempt to   even the score, but her stomach growls, causing her to miss, ending the game at their loss. As promised, Io, Kana, and Mayoi would have to go to the lunchroom to grab today’s popular items for them to eat. Hime, gullible as she is, tells them to be careful, for there are Spartans there fighting for food as well.

The second half sets them up at a warm spring day where the cast goes out to have a picnic at the park. Sakaki decides to play a game of catch, but none of the have brought mitts. Sakaki still thinks it is possible to play without them, and tries it out with Io, but Sakaki hurts his hands in the process. After rummaging for more things they could do at the part, Mayoi suggest Frisbee, to which the cast agrees to do. Sakaki and Io play a quick game with each other, but the match becomes so quick and brutal that it was hard to tell where the Frisbee was. Mayoi tells Hime to play with them, to which Hime quickly rejects.

Even with playing Frisbee, Mayoi and Sakaki would have to file for more health insurance. When the girls decided to play at their own pace, Tsumiki would throw the Frisbee so quickly that it struck her neck. With the impact, I am surprised she was able to speak, let alone get up from the impact. After having magically recovered, Mayoi would throw the Frisbee to Hime, but it curves and hits Sakaki in the face. Since Sakaki was playing a game with Io, their Frisbee would slam on Sakaki’s face as well, forcing him to take a break from playing.

During their picnic, Io was surrounded by many cats, much to the approval of Hime. Sakaki claims that pets seem to be attracted to Io. Hime wished to have that sort of power, and Mayoi states that Tsumiki was jealous of the cats. While Tsumiki denies this, while running past him, she unconsciously walks up to him and acts like a cat, much to her embarrassment. Mayoi wonders if cats could catch a Frisbee like dogs can. When Io tries it out, one of the cats manages to catch it with its mouth, but had trouble dragging the Frisbee back to Io. Sakaki tries this theory as well, but no cats were chasing after it. It seems like the animals were only interested if Io was throwing it, not Sakaki.


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