ISML Aquamarine Period 2012: Day 2 Results

As always, talking about the Nova side first before Stella, since numerically, they are up front. Now with a 300 vote difference from Fear, Homura really does not look that good out there. If this keeps up, and the pattern continues, Homura is going to have a tough time facing Tier 5 competitors and has a decent chance of losing to a Teri 4. It almost makes her quick run to Regular Season lucky at best. Victorique does not look too hot out there herself. With an 800 vote victory over a candidate with a high chance getting no victories, Victorque needs to put up much more or a fight than that, or could this mean the decease of her strength. I knew Shouko and Mizuki were close, but that truly was close with a difference of 50. It looks like Shiori is not as strong as I would have liked. Fate/Zero continues to give Irisviel some much needed help.

Speaking of Fate/Zero, it seems to have done enough for the Stella side as Rin gives off a 300 finish on Kyou. It is still surprising, to me, how Rin was able to obtain more strength on a show not focused on her. Holo is floating around the forgotten territory, yet a certain largest country continues to strongly support her against any character as of yet. I should have perceived that Last Order and Ikaros would have been a close match, but I’m surprised that it would come down to 25 votes to pass the victory to Last Order. Her strength continues to amaze me. Where is it coming from? I guess it does not matter as long as she continues to win her matches.

The exhibition matches were another sight to see. It is interesting how the Araragi Sisters were able to defeat the Hirasawa Sister, if only by about 100 votes. It still goes to show that both of the girls can hold it on their own. It brings up the question as to what would have happened had either Karen or Tsukihi or both made it into the preliminary season had they literally had three or more extra votes at their disposal. While a shame, here is hoping that they will come back next year, but at a turn that matters. I find it interesting how the gap between the two couples are quite large. I guess the Ore no Imouto pairing is more popular than Ichika with a non-Charlotte partner, which I can see happening.


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