ISML Aquamarine Period 2012: Day 3 Fantasy/Prediction

Matches are starting to get more interesting with each passing day. Here are some matches that may catch one’s eye in terms of what might happen:


Arena 2: This match is interesting in that Aria and Erio are pretty strong compared to the rest of the newcomers that appeared this year. It would be interesting to see how this match was going to go. Aria has her Kugimiya faction by her side, but Erio is by no means a pushover and is a popular moe blob in the current world. By far, there is going to be a struggle as to which one of them is going to win. I think Erio may just edge out Aria and by a decent amount of votes on that note.

Arena 8: I think it is about time for us to see how far Homura can go. With non-impressive from two lesser characters, how will she fare against Haqua, probably the strongest KamiNomi representative here. While Haqua suffered a loss last period, she can possibly turn the tables around by dragging Homura down to the 2-1 record with her. Homura really needs to step up to the plate if she wants to show that she has what it takes to go forward. The match is going to be close; that is without question. However, I think that Haqua has a slight edge of winning this one. If Homura were to win, it may prove to be a major morale boost for PMMM! fans to come.

Arena 11: Inori is a strong character; there is no question to that, but does she have what it takes to take down Yuri? While Guilty Crown is over, Inori still possesses some strong staying power after her series, and with decent performances thus far, she looks to have what it takes to make it far. Yuri is going to be a tough mountain to climb over due to her AB! faction, so Inori needs as much help as she can get if she wants to win. I think Yuri will eventually leave this one as the victor.


Arena 21: With the defeat that Yui and her sister has against the Araragi sisters, their loss just made themselves a vulnerable target for another Bakemonogatari contender, Shinobu. While it was a tag team match, if Karen and Tsuhiki can possibly replace Yui and Ui respectively in terms of power, then Shinobu, who should be as strong or possibly stronger than the two, should also have a change of defeating Yui. The victory should provide a good morale boost that someone like Shinobu has what it takes to defeat her K-On! lead guitarist and singer. I believe Shinobu does have a chance against Yui and may be the victor here.

Arena 24: Interestingly enough, I think that Tsumugi and Ikaros may be a close match than originally perceived. Both of them have a movie that continues to give them some staying power. While a movie sometimes does not help characters that much, Ikaros should have a bit more power than Tsumugi given that her movie was more widespread having it subbed and all. I think that Ikaros will be the victor of this one, but Tsumugi may prove to be a wall hard to penetrate with her K-On! supporters.

Arena 30: I thought this match would be interesting to discuss, since both of them have had a recent series airing before, but if Rin can defeat Kyou, I see no problem with her defeating Louise with an even larger margin to spare. I think it is because the final season of Zero no Tsukaima did not give much in terms of what we already know about from Louise. Rin still has her surprising boost in power with thanks to a show not really dedicated towards her. Louise needs a lot more help than Kyou if she wants to win, and I do not think the Kugimiya fans are enough.

Exhibition Matches;

Arena 19 – Truth be told, I have not watched either of these shows yet, so I know nothing about who they are or how they are going to fare by the end of this one. Both of them have their series still airing. If I had to guess, I would think that the Mōretsu Pirates team would win, since they have been around longer; therefore, people would be more familiar of them. Upotte!! is pretty decent, so people may still be unsure as to who it is they are going to be faithful to. Mōretsu Pirates also has a popular voice actor in their arsenal , so this may be another factor to their victory.

Arena 38: I think this match is a bit too one-sided, but I could be wrong. While Ayuzawa Misaki was unable to make it to Regular Season this year, I am sure she has what it takes to defeat Kanō Sumire in a singles match. Not only that, Usui Takumi and Ayuzawa Misaki is a pretty popular and well-known paring, more so than Kitamura Yūsaku and Kanō Sumire. I think, without a doubt, Usui Takumi and Ayuzawa Misaki will defeat their opponents with much room to spare.


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