KBM Round of 8: Overall Impressions (Restarted)

This year’s round of eight was truly a disappointment. Not that the matches themselves provided high interest, but that there is just such a lack of people who vote here that one would have to think if it is worth it to continue. The round started out decently at 134 total votes, but as time went on, the number of voters started to decrease until, the end of the round, the number of voters were cut to almost a half at 77. It does not appear as though there is a lack of a fanbase for any of the current male participants. There should be given their status and having reached this far. Yet, it could be that the number of voters who are present just id not find the following matches suitable to their taste, either lack of knowledge or dislike of a certain character. Still though, it is quite sad to see that these boys would come so far, yet not get the true attention that they deserve. If only more people were to participate in it.


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