Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode Of Side-A: Episode 5

The second part of the tournament has begun as Kuro was prepared to perform her very best so that her team can go far and become the top team of Japan. But the road will not be as easy as she would have liked. As the tournament slowly comes closer to the finals, the competition would become that much more fierce, especially it the second top ranking team last year is at their table. The road to the finals would be much more difficult than perceived for the Achiga team.

Before the game begins, we get a quick look at how the Senriyama team was able to get this far. Before, Ryuuka and Toki would talk about their previous national tournament last year, where they were easily defeated at the finals by the top team at the time. Toki states that she may have a chance to be able to play mah jong next year as long as she does not over-exert herself too much due to her sickly body. Ryuuka would wait for her return to the mah jong club, asking Toki if she wanted to go to the tournament with her.

Thus was where the girls stand now. The game begins, and Kuro is eager to make sure to bring some points to her team for a good morale boost. However, during their first game, Toki would take the first victory from her. Because all of them have done their homework on how their competitors have played, Toki knows that Kuro’s hand is very limited, given that she holds all the dora at her possession. Toki takes advantage of her weakness and exploits them, mostly calling out victories from her discard. Many people think that it was an odd wait or just a mere coincidence, but some experts think it is more that just that.

The game slowly comes to an end, but it will be prolonged to be a terrible waiting game as Toki become the dealer. From here, Toki showers a massive amount of riichi calls, obtaining a victory every time in the first round of declaring it. Here, people would know that her ability is to see one round in the future. Thus, every time she calls riichi, she knows that she will draw a winning time from her next turn, and this has proven true every single time. Her continuous successful calls of riichi causes everyone to panic. When the match was finally over, Senriyama would have the higest amount of points while Achiga would find themselves last.

Ako and Shizuno wanted to cheer her up, but Yuu states that she will go instead, for she was her older sister. When she meets up with Kuro, she cries on her shoulder, blaming herself for not preparing herself more than she would have liked and losing that many points in a single game. However, Yuu calms her down, stating that she will get all of their points back. Yuu walks to the table where the rest of the team members await her arrival. The second match was about to begin.


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