Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Episode 5

Mahiro would bring Hasuta over to his house to meet his mother, but the greeting would much more difficult that originally perceived. While they met his mother, who was outside of their house doing some shopping, things would not go as easily as they pleased. Out of nowhere came a woman in nun clothing taking his mother away from her. The person would say a few words to her to have her easily submit herself into her care. No one knew what was going on, so Mahiro told Nyaruko and Kuuko to save his mother; however, in the process of doing so, the woman whispered some words to Kuuko, making her take her side. Kuuko would not only knock Nyaruko out but also create a fire barrier such that she, Yoriko, and the woman can escape with ease. Something odd was happening, but neither Mahiro, Nyaruko, or Hasuta have any clue as to what they should do.

The three decide to go inside Mahiro’s house to think of a plan, but Mahiro is annoyed by the calmness that Nyaruko and Hasuta played thus far. His mother is in possible danger, and they have not done anything yet. Nyaruko told him that she had contacted her boss about it, so the information about their location should be given to them soon. The two would attempt to figure out why anyone would want to kidnap his mother, who was a freelance deity hunter. The only conclusions they could cone up with was Sononium, but it was supposed to be a made up term that people think they could charge up their personal energy by staying very close to such a person. However, if the element, no matter how silly it and the concept of it, does exist, it may prove to be a space-turning event.

Nyaruko’s boss calls her just in time to tell her about the location Kuuko and his mother were located at. It appears to be a remote place, but Mahiro and Nyaruko conclude that it was R’lyeh Land, the theme park that they have went to before. There could be a relationship between the woman and the secret organization. With no time to waste, Nyaruko summons a vehicle that is capable of traveling in any sort of terrain, including underwater gravel. The three would fasten their seat belts and drive to the theme park, but the destination does not come without conflict. Easily, they were encountered by various enemy sea creatures, but Nyaruko would easily bypass them and take them all down with torpedoes. They would them attempt to pass Dagon, the creature they used to get to the island before, only to be stopped by Hydra, Dagon’s girlfriend. Hydra’s attack was so powerful that it knocked Mahiro off of his seat belt and out of the car. While Mahiro was supposed to be dead, the special charm that Nyaruko gave him from before activated.

Mahiro finally wakes up at what is supposedly R’lyeh Land with Hasuta only accompanying him. While the charm saved him from ultimate death, he was not breathing, so Hasuta performed CPR. Of course, he would count that as a kiss, but Mahiro would brush it pass him. Instead, he asks where Nyaruko was, of which Hasuta did not wish to answer at first because he wished for Mahiro to only focus on him. Hasuta would go on and confess his love to him. While the development was surprisingly fast, one could tell that Hasuta was starting to become interested in him. From his first encounter with Mahiro, Kuuko pushing them to develop deeper as a couple. not wishing for him to be just an older brother figure, and quickly going into his room, Hasuta was already showing signs of interest. However, Mahiro could not cope with it, for they were technically both men, but Hasuta does not mind. Instead, Mahiro states that if in 25 million years, his feeling stay mutual, he would consider his offer. This would actually fool Hasuta, who could possibly live that long and still stay roughly the same age, but Mahiro would by no means be able to life that long unless his spirit continuously reincarnates for that long. Hasuta even goes as far as to make a pinky promise with him, of which Mahiro willingly accepts.

Hasuta would tell Mahiro where Kuuko and Nyaruko were located based on their smell. The two would be located near each other, of which would mean that they have encountered each other and are ready to fight. This would not be good news for either Mahiro or Nyaruko.


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