ISML Aquamarine Period 2012: Day 5 Fantasy/Prediction

For Nova, I think the match between Nakagawa Kanon and Shiomiya Shiori would be of personal difficulty for those who are Kaminomi fans. At the same time, this comes out as rather difficult to figure out. It is hard to gague where Shiori is now, for she does not nearly have as much hype as what she should stand for as a Teri 4 character. I am expecting this match to be close with Shiori as the victor. The question would then be by how much. Another interesting intra-series match up that may prove interesting is Haganai’s Kashiwazaki Sena vs. Hasegawa Kobato. The seeding period had them both pretty much on par with each other. I think that Kobato has a alight edge in this one, and this should be another close match as well.

None of the Stella side really stands out as matches that may have some interesting twists, as all of them seem to be fairly obvious as to who is going to win this one. Arena 32 may prove exactly how much of a boost Nisemonogatari really gave to girls like Naeko, but since Saber still has her series airing, it most likely appears as though Nadeko is going to get crushed. Arena 33 may prove yet another interesting match. Ikaros has not been around for a year, so things surely have changed since then. In 2010, Ui crushed Ikaros, but with a movie boost, Ikaros may be able to come back with a vengeance. Still Ui also has her movie as well, but it not as spread out or in subs as the Sora no Otoshimono movie, so maybe this is Ikaros’s chance to redeem herself.

As far as exhibition matches are concerned, I feel as though the first exhibition match is way too one sided. Although Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! is popular as a visual novel, not only are a majority of the ISML population not visual novel players, but the anime adaptation for it seems not to be as popular for the anime viewers. In contrast, Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! is popular as a light novel and as an anime adaptation. I am sure that Takanashi Sora and Miu would destroy the team of Kawakami Momoyo and Kazuko. The second exhibition match is pretty lopsided as well but not as much as the first one. On any given day, Kinoshita Hideyoshi would defeat any of the three contestants whom he is facing and paired up with. Because it is a team match, his power might be slightly weighed down since Kinoshita Yūko is not really a popular female character in the BakaTest series. Kasugano Sora and Haruka are pretty popular in both anime and visual novel, so they should be able to play a fair game with Hideyoshi and Yūko.


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