ISML Aquamarine Period 2012: Day 4 Results

Riko and Fear’s match was very close with a vote difference of 98. The two seem to be much equal in terms of strength. Sadly, Homura was once again unable to defeat someone who is supposed to be weaker than her. I am pretty sure that Homura should now be considered a Tier 5 girl at this rate. Haqua was able to get close to Victorique, but, in the end, it still was not enough to take her down. However, Haqua did do a pretty good job with making the match close. In fact, all of the Kaminomi girls seem to have done very well in their matches with the exception of Shiroi, who was royally blasted away by Eucliwood due to her strong power via her airing series.

Interestingly enough, Nymph was able to take out Hirasawa Ui by a close match. If Nymph is able to take Ui out with that number, Ikaros should have no problem in defeating her with her own hands when she faces her. Mikuru just manages to get past Konjiki no Yami by a near 30 votes. Talk about a close call, but Mikuru may be starting to lose some strength, or Yami is actually more popular than I give her credit for. Everything else was more or less as expected.

It does not look like Seitokai no Ichizon is going to get a lot of love anytime soon if middle  popular Clannad characters like Ushio and Fuuko, expect for Mafuyu who still manages to stay in this one for three years straight. Interestingly enough, Accelerator and Last Order would defeat Touma and Index in their intraseries match up. It seems like the Toaru fanbase has spoken as to which couple they believe is the most popular among the two. Of course, had it been Touma and Mikoto, the match would be fairly lopsided.


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