KBM Round of 2: Group 1 Result (Restarted)

Written in the Books

No one said this match was going to be clean. In more ways than one, both of these keeper of books were about to get down and dirty. Be it Masamune’s forward personality to push things in order to make sure work can continue to move forward or Takashi’s determination to search for the spirits who have lost their names, both of them were going to have a tough time trying to figure out a victory from here. Both were slugging back and forth for the top seat as the match appeared to be very close on both ends. In the end, however, Masamuna (60) managed to stay above Takashi (56) just barely and long enough such that he could be crowned the winner of this year’s KBM male tournament. Congratulations to Takano Masamune for the victory. Surely, this would give the editing staff some boost in morale. Then again, I am sure they schedule will act against them once more and they will be back to their same old selves.


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