Nazo No Kanojo X: Episode 6

Akira manages to bump into Ayuko during their last day of summer vacation, so Ayuko wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to talk to him before school begins without anyone noticing them and causing a misunderstanding. Akira was afraid that Kouhei would get mad at him, but Ayuko knows that such a thing would not occur because of the strong relationship he has with him. Interestingly enough, the subject the two were talking about was love, to a lesser extent, developing a relationship between two lovers. Akira notices that Ayuko would sometimes call Kouhei by his first name, representing how close they are. Akira wonders if Mikoto would ever saying something that embarrassing to him, of which Ayuko gives him a sample by whispering his name in his ear. Of course, he would react since he was thinking about it. Ayuko is really perceptual about these things. It looks like Ayuko’s role here is playing matchmaker between him and Mikoto.

The next day, Ayuko would actually talk about this to Mikoto, possibly wondering if she were to have a similar reaction like Akira. When Mikoto became silent, she Ayuko used this opportunity to catch some of her drool to taste, only to find out she was highly blushing. This led her to conclude that Mikoto was also thinking about what it would be like to have Akira call her by her first name. Although Ayuko wishes to hear her say the words, maybe she has gone too far for pushing her to say it. Even so, at least she caught Mikoto with a blushing face. I guess it proves that Mikoto is not as mysterious as everyone thinks. In fact, she is just like everyone else when it comes to dealing with love.

After school, before the two went home, Akira decides that they should take a break at the park for shade. While Akira was getting some drinks, Mikoto would be found on a bench sleeping. Akira tried to wake her up with no avail, so he tried another method. He whispered her first name into her ear, to which she reacts and even gives off a cute smile with the perfect blush. Akira was caught off guard with that reaction as well as I did, but Akira wakes up to reality when he realized what he was supposed to do. Akira tried to call her by her first name once more, but he was so embarrass to say it in front of her face that he decided to change the subject. It is these moments that I enjoy the most in this type of anime when love slowly starts to bloom between two characters who are completely new to love. Although the development still needs a bit of work, at least Akira managed to get something out of today’s experience.

That night, he reams about getting a picture of Mikoto with her bright smile. This gives him an idea to try to record that image for him to keep. The next day, Akira asks if he could take a picture of her because he would like at least one picture of his girlfriend, of which she does not mind. However, when he asks her to give him a smile, not only would she reject the idea but walk out of it in the process. Of course, it was going to take more than that if he wanted to get a picture of her.

Akira was supposed to be meeting up with Mikoto at a certain spot, but noticing him was Hayakawa Aika, the girl whom he had a crush with since junior high. Of course, the memories of the times when he did fall in love with her return to him as he was conversing with her. When Aika asked if he had some free time to chat and make up for lost time, Akira would deny her offer, stating that he was waiting for someone else. Although Aika was a bit upset about the denial, she hopes that they could chat some other time. When she leaves, Akira tries to look for Mikoto, but she was apparently hiding in the background, not wanting to disrupt their conversation. I think what is interesting about this point was that we get to see a jealous side of Mikoto. Mikoto is usually seen as a cool and composed girl, but for her to lose her step overhearing their conversation, Mikoto truly is just a normal girl falling one step closer in love. There does not seem to be anything mysterious about her at all.

Of course, Akira tries to think of a way to break up the atmosphere by telling her it was not what she thinks. Mikoto stays silent, which makes him desperate for thinking about what she wanted him to say. Instead, Akira asks whether or not she would be angry if he accepted her request. Mikoto, still saying nothing, tells him to open his mouth. When she puts her drool in his mouth, tears roll down Akira’s cheeks. Of course, she would be crying if he left her for Aika. It would make her assume that he was temporarily using her so that he can come back to her. It would mean that all the things that they had done together would be for the naught. Akira tells her that even though he did find it a shame to leave Aika, he still loves Mikoto and would place her first above everyone else. Mikot was finally pleased, revealing a smile on her face.

Akira takes this opportunity to take out his camera, but Mikoto perceived what he wanted to do and returned to her blank face. Akira asked her for another picture with a smile one more time, of which she agrees to. When Akira takes a picture of her, she presents a teasing pose. While Akira really wanted a picture of her with a smile, he nonetheless accepts it, for not only was it just Mikoto, but it was Mikoto in that pose. It goes to say that she is not the weird girl that many people see her as. Akira states that he would treasure this image, putting it in his wallet. This would make Mikoto spit out some drool, symbolizing her happiness when he said and did that. It seems as though the two have made amends with each other.

I have to say, the music selection here was really top-notch, almost perfect with the various scenes that they have done here. I am truly enjoying the overall developing relationship between Mikoto and Akira. Although they still have a ways to go, it is nice seeing them take it a step at a time while providing the viewers some excellent reactions and things that most new couples start to go through. Shows like these really bring out a smile to my face.


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