Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Episode 6

Mahiro and Hasuta finally catch up with Nyaruko and Kuuko in the midst of fighting each other. Mahiro tells then to finish this quickly so that they can all come home and eat his mother’s dinner, a promise that everything will be alright by the end of the day. Hasuta leads Mahiro to where his mother is while Nyaruko and Kuuko get into an intense fight. With no other choice, Nyaruko decides to end the match by throwing pictures of her in a swimsuit in the air. This would distract Kuuko long enough to knock her out. Nyaruko forces her to tell her what was going on, to which Kuuko whispered to her with much surprise.

Hasuta and Mahiro arrive just in time to find his mother unharmed. The women would tell them not to stop their plans. When asked why, apparently they needed his mother because of her vast knowledge in games, based on her hobby. With such enthusiasm, she would use her intelligence to help create the next best generation of games. This was a war between her company and Hasuta’s company, whose father apparently runs one of the major game space industry at this time. Kuuko was also invited as well because of her love of games. In the end, the group got worked up over a personal console war between two companies.

The woman introduces their newest creation, a hardware that is able to create any game into a virtual reality for the people to play in. While Yoriko agrees it is a great idea, she thinks the plan would ultimately fail. Her logic is correct. What is the point of buying a large and expensive console if there are not much games displayed for it. Also, since many companies rely on the selling of games for money, buying only a great software would not be enough to attract customers into it. Now knowing that her product would be a failure, Nyaruko transforms into her Planetary Defense Corps. uniform and take her out. But before she does so, the woman gets a phone call that Nyaruko allows her to pick up. , Luhy Distone, the woman in question, would ultimately find out that her project would be disbanded by a board decision. Surely, things could not get any worse for her.

But Luhy would not give up. She will show the company just how great her creation would be. She turns on the machine, creating a virtual world in front of them. However, it seems like the fish animals would be the ones who respond to it, not the humans or aliens. Apparently, the game running was the player was supposed to turn people into zombies, thus the behavior of all the fishes. Nyaruko and Yoriko would quickly attempt to defeat all of them without actually killing them. Nyakuro wanted a reason for her transformation, so she decides to destroy the system before it turn amok, but Kuuko wanted to do it because she felt it was something that she had to do. Under the order of Mahiro, Kuuko would burn the machine until there was nothing left.

Finally, they return back to their town, recounting all that has happened. While the chaos was over, Hasuta would have to go now that his mission was completed. He will try to convince his father not to get his mother involved in their mess. Hasuta leaves, stating that a pleasant breeze has blown into the area. Of course, this would signify that he will not only be attending his school the next day but also become his classmate. Thus continues the unstable life of a boy named Mahiru.

Yoriko obtained some tickets to go to a hot springs near a beach for her hard work, so she decides to bring all of Mahiro’s friends with her to the spa. While some people took it as a day of relaxation, there are a certain three aliens who wanted more than just relaxation. Nyaruko, Kuuko, and Hasuta wanted some action during their hot spring trip, and they will stop at nothing until such actions have happened. At the beach, Tamao and Takehito would talk about Mahiro’s unusual relatives. Here Takehito hints that Tamao may have some feelings for Mahiro but is brushing them aside for the others to develop as she watches from the sidelines as a reporter.

That night, they would go to a bath, but Nyaruko would make sure that Hasuta does not bathe with him and forces him to bathe at their bathtub, possibly suffering the Hideyoshi factor. Nyaruko and Kuuko would make sure to wash themselves clean to get dirty later tonight. While Mahiro was asleep, Nyaruko would crawl on top of him. Mahiro, waking up, wonders what was going on, only to see Nyaruko undress herself and pushing Mahiro to the futon for a kiss.

In all honestly, I felt that this part of the episode was very rushed and could have easily taken up an episode of its own right as a beach episode. The episode should have ended with Hasuta entering their school, but that is not the case here. That was my only complaint about this episode, everything else was pretty funny in its own right.


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