Medaka Box: Episode 7

While the main focus seems to be around Mogana, can we really say that the spotlight was only on Mogana? In my opinion, Hansode seems to to always steal the show whenever she makes an appearance. However, that is not to say that we know more about Hansode. In fact, she still is a mystery up to this point. In fanything, Mogana obtained some character development was well has more history about her life.

We first see Mogana changing inside the council room that Zenkichi opens. Of course, not only did she get embarrassed, she asked for money for seeing her naked. The two would be in the council room alone together. Both Zenkichi and Mogana wanted to break the ice somehow, but since both of them are unsociable due to their personalities, each would have a hard time speaking to each other correctly, let alone fining the right words to say. Yet Mogana in particular walked to break free from her own distress. Yakushima and Tanegashima encourage her to be a part of the student council to befriend as many people as she could, not to be restrained by only the swim club. Mogana did not wish to let their words be in vain and tries again, only to fail once more.

During the peak of their tension to find out what to say, Hansode could come out of nowhere to intervene with them. In fact, her main target today was Mogana, as she would reveal to her the many pictures she has taken that showed Medaka kissing her at the calvary scene. Zenkichi would have no choice but to tame her and make sure she does not bully her anymore. When she disappears, Mogana asks if Medaka was always like that, to which Zenkichi said yes up until he had to force her not to do so again. While Zenkichi still finds her to be an annoying girl to deal with, he just cannot let her go of her life, no matter how hard he tries. Their discussion about Medaka made Mogana feel as thoguh she has finally stated a conversation and can make Zenkichi her friend. Mogana then tries to act like her, much to Zenkichi’s surprise. This ended up having Medaka and Kouki see the two on the floor with Zenkichi trying to block Mogana’s kiss.

The second arc deals with Yubaru as he wishes to find the perfect girl to be his model for the upcoming art contest. Previously, he was in a slump since he could not figure out what to draw for the project, so he decides to draw girls in swimsuits. Yubaru asks Medaka to be his model, of which she wholeheartedly agrees. With Medaka in her swimsuit, Yubaru wastes no time drawing, but once he completed the drawing, he throws it away. He thought Medaka would be the perfect model for his drawing, but it somehow did not work. Apparently, he believes that he is unable to capture the true beauty of Medaka with just a drawing, as a true artist is supposed to exemplify and magnify the brilliance of Medaka; therefore, he cannot be her model. While technically a compliment, Medaka feels saddened that she was not a model.

Zenkichi and Kouki found other girls that may work for his painting, but neither of the girls worked. Yubaru tried Mogana, but even she does not work. Medaka even suggested Zenkichi and Kouki to pose for the painting, but they together do not work for him. Suddenly, Hansode comes in, wondering what was going on. When she arrived, Yubaru quickly asked her to be his model and designed her to become the perfect model for his painting. Apparently, Yubaru was searching for an underdeveloped girl so that he can visualize the perfect body that she could have in the future. While she was selected, the reason behind it made her not the true victor after all.


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