Acchi Kocchi: Episode 7

It was finally summer vacation, and Io and the gang decided to go to the villa where Io and Sakaki camped at last year. This time, they were not as Hime, Mayoi, and Tsumiki would join them on a trip to the villa; however, the ride there would bring just as much experience as the actual location.

As the gang arrived to their last stop before their destination, the team decided to use this opportunity to take a quick break. Io walked out to get a drink and a snack for Tsumiki, and Hime decided to do some shopping. When Io returned, he noticed that Hime has not returned yet. Because she left her cellphone at the train, Tsumiki decides to look for her, since she may be inside a bathroom. However, as soon as Tsumiki left, Hime would return carrying a bag of things that she bought. This would mean that Tsumiki was searching outside for no reason. When Tsumiki returned, the doors would close, and Tsumiki would not join them on their trip. Sakaki opens the window such that Io could jump out of the train to be by Tsumiki’s side. Tsumiki thought that was reckless of him, but he believes this was an exception to that rule.

While the two were together, Tsumiki asks if there was any other reason that he jumped for her, such as not wanting to leave a girl alone. While that was on his mind, Io did not wish to outright say it because it would be embarrassing. Meanwhile, Mayoi and Hime were scared of what happened to Io. Sakaki told them that everything would be alright, since neither of them wanted to leave a girl behind. They asked what would happen if Io was alone. Sakaki would have passed Tsumiki to him, if that were the case.

Finally, the five would gather together or enjoy their trip. Their first stop was by a creek where the girls would be playing in the water first. Afterwards, the group decided to go fishing, only for Mayoi to walk on a wooden log and fall into the river. Twice she would enter the river when Tsumiki was able to utilize her strength to accidentally catch with with a fishing hook and throw her in the water. Later, Io would get tired and fall asleep, accidentally falling on Tsumiki. Tsumiki did not mind him sleeping on her lap, but before she could offer it, Io would fall asleep. Tsumiki would take this opportunity to place him in her lap, only to have Mayoi and Sakaki take pictures of this moment while Hime gets a nose bleed.

As the sun started to set, the gang decided to have a barbecue. Io would be doing most of the cooking while everyone sets up the table. Here, Tsumiki would start feeding Io as he was serving to everyone else. Of course, their actions would cause Hime to faint from another nosebleed. Mayoi and Sakaki would be seen eating nothing but meat, of which Io, Tsumiki, and Hime would tell them to eat other things for nutrition. The group would come up with rhythms for their eating habits until Mayoi uses the same patter to discuss Tsumiki’s love for Io. After their meals, Mayoi would rub Hime’s stomach, saying that it moved, causing her to fly in the air.

The group would then take a bath after an already fulfilling night. Mayoi, wearing a night robe, would ask Tsumiki to pull her obi, mimicking a typical scene of a girl spinning around when having their obi pulled. However, Tsumuki would pull too hard, causing her to crash against a wall. Later, Io would ask if she wanted him to dry her hair for her since it was long and difficult to handle. Although Tsumiki stated that she could do it herself, she nonetheless gave in to her desires and allowed him to do so. Of course, everyone else was staring at the bright atmosphere emitted by the two, causing Tsumiki to get embarrassed and make sure they do not remember this moment.

Of course, what better way to end a trip like this that to start some fireworks? Io and the gang decided to light some up to end this already fun day. Io would light up a parachute rocket for everyone to catch, only to have Mayoi and Sakaki get hurt trying while Hime grabs it for herself. They then would play with more fireworks, but it seems as though they all were eventually aimed at Sasaki to increase his poor luck. Sakaki would introduced a sparkler game where a longer sparkler means they are very popular. When the game starts, Sakaki’s sparkler would immediately drop, stating that he was an unpopular character. Tsumiki would play with the sparklers with Io one more time with the same rules so that Io could get the hint that she is interested in him, but that fails. In the end, the group would watch a fireworks festival not too far from where they are. Like any episode, the show would have to end with Io stating a cool line, causing Hime and Tsumiki to get a nosebleed.


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