Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A: Episode 7

It was now Arata’s turn to be at the table and play for her team. Unlike a majority of her team, she has her own reasons and motivation to make it through to the finals. Back home, despite packing up to go to Tokyo, she was very worried about the bowling alley and if her grandmother has enough help to watch over the alley while she was gone. Her grandmother tells her that everything will be fine, and she should pay more attention on winning the entire thing. Her grandmother states that this was the first time in a long time that she was very excited and happy when playing mahjong. She wants Arata to continue on with those feelings intact until the end. So, for her grandmother’s sake as well as her own personal goal, she must make it to the top, no matter what the cost.

However, Kentani High School have their own reasons to make sure they win this tournament as well. We have a short scene where they have been participating in the nationals for the past couple of years but never made it pass the first round. This is the first time they have ever went pass it, so they are trying to take advantage of this opportunity to go as far as they can. This year, they have Morigaki Yuuka, a rather enigmatic character since her playing style and way of living highly contrasts that of the rest of her teammates. However, her skill is indeed unmatched to them, where the teammates believed that she will be the one to break their ice and bring them to the nationals that they so desired. With that, Yuuka wastes no time getting as many points as possible from any hand she could create. The speed of which she plays catches her opponents off-guard, yet they still fought through to the end.

By the time everything was over, Achiga would be in third place, nearly neck-to-neck with Kentani High School’s second place score. Now, it was Shizuno’s turn to make sure that they would go to the semi-finals. While Shizuno was more that ready to take on her competition, her high-spirit backfired at her when she was still on third place with Kentani High School still holding a strong second place. Since there was no way to catch up with Senriyama Girls’ High School with their monster lead, their best bet was to leave with a close second place. This would prove harder than it sounds when it was the last game and a majority of her winning conditions to get to second place were thrown out the window. Still Shizuno would not give up, throwing out cards and continuing to create hands that would work. Finally, when Kentani High School threw out the winning tile, Shizuno would call the victory and claim second place off of them. Achiga Girls’ Academy has advanced to the semi-finals.

However, the celebration would all be cut short. Harue would remind them that they only got lucky to have come this far. Although they were in second place, Senriyama Girls’ High School was ahead of them by over 90,000 points. Not only that, they would also have to face the top team last year at the semi-finals as well as another strong team as well. Looking at their performance, the chances of them making it to the finals were close to zero. More than anything, they have to prepare for what lies ahead of them before celebrating. It makes sense why she was so stern about them. This was the round where she lost a number of points for her team when she played. She wants them to go far to surpass what she was unable to do before.

The team decides to take a break when they happen to spot Harue with her coach not too far away. Here, they would overhear that she should try out playing professionally once this was over. Her ability to coach a team that was able to make it this far would be a big plus on her resume. Yuu wonders if she was just using them all along, of which Arata reminded her that she would never do such a thing and the reason she was here at the start. Before things become heated, someone would appear from behind them, wondering what was going on.


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