Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san: Episode 7

The supposedly hot night provided by Nyaruko would turn out to be nothing more than a nightmare for Mahiro as Mahiro would pin Nyaruko on the bed with forks as he slept somewhere else. At the breakfast table, Nyaruko would tease him about the supposedly intense night that she had with Mahiro. Although Mahiro denied such things happening, Takehiko and Tamao would believe her story, even when she said that she was now carrying their child inside her. Hasuta would believe her story and run away crying. Mahiro wanted his mother to say something, but she was too imaginative of what it would be like have a grandchild. While she supports the idea that they can go out a bit further, she still believes that they should keep their relationship at a bare minimum. However, Nyaruko knows that she will lower her guard once she resents them their first grandchild, and an erotic plan arises on her mind, much to Mahiro’s dismay.

Mahiro meets Hasuta outside, who was still depressed that he and Nyaruko became one. Instead, he states that he will still love their child, even if it is not his own. Before Hasuta can go any further, Nyaruko quickly knocks him away such that she can spend as much time with Mahiro was possible. Of course, this was too much for him, so he decides to go in hiding. As he does so, he spots Kuuko playing video games inside an open beach house. Mahiro wonders why she loves playing games so much, but Kuuko states that it was all in vain, for she still could not forget about Xoth. Mahiro stated that everything will be alright and that something will appear sooner or later. While Kuuko was glad for his kindness, she stated that it would do no good raising a flag for her, of which Mahiro understands.

The two would be disrupted by Luhy, who was conveniently working at the beach that they were visiting. Because she was laid off, she had to find some way into making money in order to live. She decided to open a takoyaki store, the only other thing that she was good at, and it became a successful hit. While everyone was enjoying themselves, Hasuta was not, still remembering the tension between his father and Luhy. Luhy reminded him that she was not working for them anymore, so he can treat her normally now, much to Hasuta’s delight. Before Mahiro could eat, he noticed what the ingredient was that made the takoyaki taste good, immediately losing is appetite. Of course, everyone else has eaten some of the takoyaki in their plates, meaning it was too late to tell them they were eating alien meat.

Mahiro and Takehiko would go somewhere when Nyaruko wished to be with him wherever he goes. Whenever Mahiro tries to change destination, Nyaruko would find a way to be with him. Finally, Mahiro would openly state that he does not like her, causing Nyaruko to lose all of her color. Mahiro and Takehiko would leave her alone, but Kuuko would start taking Nyaruko’s clothes off, causing Mahiro to react. Mahiro’s mother reminds him that Nyaruko id save the both of them on several occasions, so he should at least repay her duties for this day. Having no other choice, Mahiro decides to go with Nyaruko’s flow, causing her to regain her color, much to Kuuko and Hasuta’s dismay.

Nyaruko and Mahiro immediately stated their beach date, beginning with Nyaruko priming herself with a kimono and a brooch. The two would visit various places around the town near the village before going to a shrine where a festival was held. There, Nyaruko would take Mahiro to a shrine where the two would pray before heading out to the beach once more to light some sparklers. Once they were finished, Mahiro asked what she was playing about so strongly for, of which she answered that she could be with Mahiro forever. Nyaruko would then take his hand so that they could walk home together the long way. Nyaruko tells him that she has always wanted something like this to happen, walking on a beach during a sunset with the man that she loves. Mahiro finds it embarrassing, stating that it was hard to tell whether she truly loved him or she was just saying so because it was her personality. Calmer, Nyaruko turns to him and tells him upfront that she loves him and a serious and gentle tone.


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