Recorder to Randoseru: Episode 21

Sayo enters Atsumi’s house to have some fun. Before they get settled, Take-nii enters the house to bring them some ice cream that was left over from his previous part-time job. Atsumi is surprised that this was the first time that the two have ever met each other, for she thought there were countless instances where the two have met at least one, but neither of them recalled such a time. This was the first time they met. Atsumi tells Sayo that Take-nii was the neighbor that she has been talking about. The one in the room who was sleeping on the floor was Atsushi, her younger brother who is a fifth grader. Of course, the information about this shocked Sayo, who thought, for the longest of time, that the person whom she admired was actually a grade-school child and Atsumi’s younger brother.

Sayo was slightly depressed, wondering what she should do with her feelings now that it has come to this. Take-nii tells her to just leave things as they are, for the answer will come to her eventually. After thinking about it, Sayo finally decides how to act around Atsushi. Atsushi then walks outside, looking for her because Atsumi was worried. Atsushi asks her if she can help him with his homework, but Sayo tells him to do it himself.


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