Kore wa Zombie Desu ka – Of the Dead: Episode 8

Ayumu calls Ariel and asks her if there was a way to defeat the acclaimed strongest Masou Shoujo of their time. While Ariel states that she does not know of any plans, she tells Ayumu that Kyouko, the one who killed him and caused his entire life to turn upside down from the start, knows her weakness. Be it friend or foe, as long as there was information on defeating her, he will take it. Thus begins the episode with its main focus on Kyouko and her life back on earth after being in prison for so long.

Kyouko easily enters the house, making her presence known. Of course, everyone is very wary of her, as they have fought against her in a winning victory thanks to Eu’s voice. Kyouko states that she has come clean, but Seraphim does not buy it, even if the laws of the Masou Shoujo world highly contrast that of the vampire ninja world or Earth. When asked how she knows Chris’s weakness, Kyouko states that she heard it from the King of the Night when she was working for him at the time. Ayumu quickly asks for the answer, but Kyouko would give it to him if he can entertain her. While the concept was ridiculous, Ayumu would take it, no matter what he had to do. So begins Ayumu’s miserable life.

Immeiately at night, Kyouko comes into his room with a revealing lingerie, trying to seduce him, but Ayumu knew better. He decides to bring her outside, of which she treats it as a night date. Ayumu would take her to the park for a night swing, but it was not enough to satisfy her. Kyouko then states that he wanted to do a mixer. If he could successfully throw one for her, she will tell him what he wants to hear. Having no other choice, the next day, Ayumu asks his friends if they wanted to join a mixer with him, but with him acting out of character, everyone thinks that he is either crazy or mentally sick and needs to see the nurse right away. Of course, Kyouko is enjoying herself seeing Ayumu suffer like this for her sake.

Ayumu spends the night surfing the internet and trying to find out what it takes to throw a mixer. While Haruna wanted to help somehow, Ayumu tells her not to for fear of what she may do. However, Seraphim and Eucliwood were concerned for his health. The next day, he tries to ask his friends again. This time, they did not want him to see him suffer any longer, so they decided to go for his sake. Kyouko was clearly enjoying herself, but Seraphim distrusted her, asking what her true intention is for doing all of this and if she was already satisfied enough. Kyouko states that she truly wanted to throw a mixer, but Seraphim thinks that that was a lie. However, Kyouko claims that Seraphim’s life is a wasteful, for all she truly cares about is Ayumu. Seeing that Seraphim is blushing, Kyouko leaves, jealous of the fun life that Ayumu had with so many women in love with him.

The day of the mixer arrived, and Ayumu embarrasses himself by wearing a see-through t-shirt, of which everyone but Taeko find ridiculous. It did not help that Oreki went to the same website to figure out how to dress for a mixer. Everyone starts arriving, with the last one being Kyouko. Oreki has all but forgotten about Kyouko, who once saw her as his childhood friend before she was away. Soon, the mixer begins, starting with a King’s game courtesy of Ayumu’s delusions. Eu would have Taeko and Ayumu hug each other, adding yet another person who is slowly falling in love with him. Next, someone else made Kyouko and Ayumu kiss, but before she could do so, Ariel  enters the mixer, much to Kyouko’s dismay.

After the King’s Game, everyone decided to sing karaoke. Kyouko asks why Ariel was here, but Ariel stated that she truly came here to have fun, not to watch over her actions. Before things stated to look worse, Ayumu takes her outside to the graveyard where she and Ayumu fought. There, Ayumu told her to do whatever it was that she wanted to do to him fromthe start .Kyouko quickly changed into her Masou Shoujo form and stabbed Ayumu again, but stopped at there. Instead she was crying on his chest, telling him that everyone would forget about her even after their fun mixer. Ayumu tells her that he will not forget about her no matter what happens to her. Here, she would fall in love with him, believing that now, her life is complete knowing that there is someone out there who cares about someone like her. With that, she left. Apparently, the trick to obtaining victory was to tickle her sides. The question now is how they are going to even approach her in order to do so.


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