Sankarea: Episode 8

How much observation is too much? Sure, Chihiro wanted to know everything there is to know about zombies and takes advantage of one in front of him that lives with him, but the actions and closeness that Chihiro performs can technically be seen in the same light as how Rea’s father wished to be hers, but in a minor dosage. Rea has shown moments that she wished not to be so keenly observed as Chihiro was invading her personal space, but does not seem to kind him as opposed to her father. Maybe it is the kind of relationship that she has with both of them that separates how far Chihiro can be with her with how far her father can be with her.

Like most normal girls, Rea wanted nothing more than to shop for hours looking and trying on various clothing for herself to wear. While Rea is having so much fun, Chirhiro seems to be only following along with whatever she does. This is quite a serious issue for Rea. Rea, who has been the sheltered-type rich girl all of her life, has never has the actual experience of going outside and actually buying clothes her herself that she likes for her own personal wear. I am guessing that it was the father who chose the things that she should wear in front of him, given his type of personality he has, or several of her maids do the shopping for her. I think that Chihiro should at least make at effort to follow her flow and excitement rather than to not care much about this at all. He is not with someone like Ranko, so his viewpoint and interactions with her should be different than that of any other energetic girl he met.

We get a short clip about what Ranko is doing at a bathhouse as the two are having fun. The feelings that she has for Chihiro are as serious as it can be, but with her feelings of loss now that someone whom Chihiro was serious to protect comes into his life, it seems like the Chihiri that she knew was slowly sipping away from her, and she did not want that. She was about to go on and want Chihiro to think about her as much as he does Rea, but Mero suddenly appears with her friends during the peak of her rant. It seems as though Mero is the silent mediator who knows just about what everyone is thinking about. Still, Ranko decides to accompany them for the time being.

While Chihiro and Rea were having fun in their own way, they are, by no means safe. Men who were working under Rea’s father were pursuing the two, making sure they are able to capture Rea and bring her back to the mansion by any means necessary. Her father, still overly in love with her, will not accept the fact that she has gone away. He believes that the thinks it is free, but it is but a false freedom. He believes that he will give her true freedom, the type of freedom that she deserves, most like through his eyes. However, seeing how possessive he can be over his daughter, going back is probably the last thing that Rea wants to do.

Still, Rea and Chihiro would continue to have fun, from going to various other places to going to haunted houses, of which Chihiro is afraid of, which is surprising because he can stand horror clip but not a fantasy horror place. After this, the two would stop to eat, but before they do, Chihiro gives her a coat such that she can go out freely without worrying about the heat. This makes Rea very happy that Chihiro was thinking about her, but it seems as though zombies also lack and tear duct function to shed tears.

When Chihiro leaves, the men in pursuit were about to grab Rea until Yasuda arrives. Sadly, it seems that Yasuda is the type of person who only cares about his well-being and having things done his way without the expense of other people’s opinions, and this shows when he is interacting with her. Yasuda, who sees Rea as his angel/goddess, attempts to swoon her to his side and tries to bring her somewhere else, much to her confusion. The men were confused about what happened, but follow them nonetheless. While Yasuda does not know the situation Rea was in, he should at least listen to her words if he was the type of man that he claims to be. All he seems to be doing is having her do things his way, even when she continues to tell him it was not a good idea. Of course, what they see as something normal, Rea sees as a precaution, as she is not like them, nor should she reveal what he is to the public.

The men would take the opportunity to knock out Yasuda while capture Rea, but Rea was able to overpower them since she is a zombie and her limiter is off. Chihiro quickly goes outside, wondering what has happened, only to find out that Rea nearly did all of the work by taking them out. Chihiro walks up to them and tells them to spill everything to them, but before they can do so, the quickly kidnap him an stow him away. Rea tries to save him, but is temporarily stopped by Yasuda, who still wants to spend as much time with her as he could. Of course, even after getting knocked out, he still does not know the position that he or Rea is under.

With Chihiro abducted and not Rea, the men ask if they should throw him somewhere and try to get Rea again, but the father tells him to bring Chihiro to him nonetheless. Her father treats this as a good opportunity as well. Chihiro is as good of a capture as Rea, but whhat does her father want form him. Maybe as a bribe? Possibly as an education on who lives her more? Whatever the reason, Chihiro clearly in a bind and is only going downhill from here.


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