Hyouka: Episode 6

While many critics argue that Hyouka has lost its touch since last two great episodes, I think said critics need to be reminded that this is just a normal slice of life show with a hint of mystery. Sure, this week’s mystery my not have much flavor, and there may have been no point in solving it to begin with, but Kyoto Animation knows what it is doing in terms of how to progress stories such as these. In the end, the “what just happened” feeling can be either disappointment or purposeful.

It all stated when noise can be heard from the other side of the classroom, and Houtarou just happened to hear Eru screaming inside the classroom. After school, all would be inside the club room, but Mayaka was yelling at Satoshi for not arriving to a destination where he should have the courtesy to at least tell her that he would not arrive. Eru tries to calm her down, but it would prove effortless. Eru tries to get Houtarou to intervene, but he tells her that their bickering could not be stopped. Eru would then urge him to stop this with her own voiceless movements until Houtarou could not take it anymore and finally got Mayaka to stop yelling and calm down, even if for a second.

After doing so, the topic of anger comes up, and Satoshi states that Mayaka should learn from Eru, seeing that she hardly gets angry, contrasting her personality. Eru would go on to state that Houtarou and Satoshi never seem to get angry. Mayaka and Houtarou both stated that he can blow his top when the situation arises. Houtarou states that Saotshi is actually only acting uppity in front of them to hide his own personal emotions given the circumstances. As for Houtarou, Mayaka and Satoshi state that he lacks the energy to do so, considering his personality. All three of them agree that Eru seems to have the tolerance to not get angry at all. The topic of anger would then lead to the discussion of the seven deadly sins, of which Mayaka and Satoshi claim that because Eru has none of those desires, her perfection should be considered saintly, of which, at this point, they are most likely teasing her because of how perfect she is.

Eru would then yell at them to stop, the first time she actually got angry in front of them. Even so, Eru states that it is a good thing that people have a bit of the deadly sins, but not too much, believing that a bit of the sin provides positive effects to the body as well as negative ones. When asked why she never gets angry, Eru would states that it would be a waste of energy to do so. For a split second, it seemed as though Houtarou would find his angel, the one whom he could finally be around with as they spend as minimal of energy as possible together. Of course, Mayaka and Satoshi would think that Eru is turning into a “Houtarou,” therefore must be saved, ruining some possible development between the two, but it would mostly be severed when she states that she was joking about it.

Continuing on the topic of anger, Eru states that she does get angry when certain situations happen. Upon thinking about some examples, Houtarou reveals the time when she yelled at the math teacher. Here, Eru would ask him to figure out why she got angry at the teacher in the first place, the visual interpretation being that many little angel Eru’s were surrounding him once more, asking for help on something she cannot stop thinking about. Houtarou tries to leave, but it would all be pointless.

Eru’s tells the three of them about their class at the time, where their teacher was supposedly yelling at them because they did not know what they were learning yesterday until Eru told him that they had not learned what he was asking them in the first place, causing him to apologize to the class.Eru changes the question to ask him why the math teacher would make such a careless mistake in the first place, for someone who is tidy and even takes notes on what each class was doing. Houtarou does not find the mystery strange as it is natural, so he does not wish to bother with it, but Eru would not only continue to convey him to solve it with her but even go as far as lean on the table to that he can look at her as she pleads for this case to be solved. Having no other choice, Houtarou takes up the task.

Houtarou asks if he was looking at things from a day before, but Mayaka tells him that it was not logically possible. Houtarou then states that maybe they should have learned that material by now, but Satoshi states that they were using new math textbooks this semester, so they and he would have to learn this from scratch. As soon as Satoshi stated that his class was learning that topic, Houtarou would find out one reason where he could have messed up. Since Eru was in Class A and Satoshi was in Class D, it was possible for him to screw up between the two classes if he were to write down the classes in lower case, suggesting that he may have poor penmanship, causing the confusion. All three of them would accept his reasoning, since it was logically possible.

Houtarou would have suggested that the teacher might have taken so many notes that he messed up on who was where, but Eru would not accept such an idea. The goal was not to figure out the correct answer. The main issue was to find an answer plausible enough for her to accept. There was no way for him in figuring out what was going on in her mind and considering what she does to make herself happy or angry. It was not that Eru wanted to figure out why she was angry, but possibly rather why the teacher got angry and whether her anger was considered reasonable or not. Even so, even if Houtarou can predict what she will do next, he does not know her thought process well enough to understand the general points about her, since their lives were very different as portrayed artistically with Houtarou in gray and Eru in pink with blossoms  This seems to as if this was an implication that a possible relationship is blooming between the two if Houtarou was thinking about what she thinks.

Houtarou summarized just about what the episode was: they were pretty much wasting time over the silliness of their discussions. Yet, that discussion was what made this episode all the more fulfilling. I cannot help but wonder if there are certain things we are supposed to take out of this episode and apply to what may happen for the rest of the arc. In anything, I was more impressed that Satoshi was actually faking his personality all this time in order to act rationally like how society would want him to act. I get the feeling the next arc would be about him, be it if it would also anger and the sins as a plus or a hint.


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