Aquarion Evol: Episode 22

Sharde plays around with the Shadow Angel, making him dance with the beat of his soul while everyone else was forced to follow. Although Sharde would feel more energetic because he was not wearing his protective suit, this acts like a double edge sword in that the damage received would hurt more and would drain his energy more. It was only a matter of time before Sharde breaks some strings of his chords. Sharde was slowly losing at, as his body could not handle controlling Aquarion any longer. Sharde wants to stay longer, but Crea quickly swapped him with Yuhona for the sake of his health.

Meanwhile, Kagura explains that they were once one being, a person named Amata. When Alicia was chosen to be abducted, Mikage would split the body into two, creating another entity out of Amata, that entity being Kagura. Here, Kagura, pitying Amata for not doing anything but watch from afar, chases after their mother himself. Along with Alicia, he would also be in Altair, but not be located with her. Instead, Mikage would find him and seal his memories, of which he became who he is now. Kagura claims that Amata is still the pathetic person who cannot do anything when it counts. Although he stopped caring about finding his mother, Kagura’s sole objection was to find Sylvie again.

Amata would fight Kagura, stating that he is not a wimp like he states he was, but Kagura would easily knock him back with his reverse powers, stating that he really is pathetic and weak. As they thought, Mikono screamed for them to stop fighting, but the area around her and Fudo glows. Aquarion was stating to be awakened. The fist would grab Mikono and bring her to the surface, creating several fissures along the way. The world was starting to shake; more fissures were appearing; energy levels were skyrocketing. The Original Aquarion has finally revealed itself. Mikono would fall from the sky where Kagura would save her with his Reverse power. While Mikono was happy to see both of them, her heart was conflicted on whom she should be with. Kagura tells Mikono to wait, as he will take care of a weak who does not deserve to be a part of this fate.

Kagura and Amata would resume fighting. Kagura would fully pin him down using his reverse power, telling him that he cannot overcome fate, for fate decide everything that was happening so far, from his love with Mikono to their very meeting. Amata claims that he has the wings to overcome fate, but Kagura would like to see him try to fly free from his position. Amata states that Kagura only loves her because of his feelings for her 12,000 years ago. Amata loves her the way she is currently, which was more than enough for him to fight against his so called “fate.” Amata breaks the reverse power by falling, but quickly ascends to the sky to face him once again. Mikono falls from where she was at. Amata goes up to catch her, but Kagura uses his power to stop him from his tracks.

Aquarion starts to glow, revealing its true form to the entire world. The Shadow Angel makes quick work of Spada as it grabs Aquarion and flies to a dimensional hole. Kagura would use this opportunity to knock Amata out while he takes Mikono for himself. He gets onto his own mecha and also flies into the dimension gate. Amata rides on an unmanned vector and flies towards the dimension gate. Sharde pleads to ride on a vector once more, wanting to complete the song. Cuea was reluctant to send him at first, but gives in, asking him to let her hear the song when he finishes completing it. Together, Amata and Sharde would chase after the Shadow Angel to retrieve the original Aquarion.

Meanwhile, Zessica woke up to a rather bleak world with nothing but a stairway and a few graves. Here, Amata would appear behind her, telling her that he now knows who is more important to him. However, this would be from the lips of Mikage, who saves her after the attack from the Shadow Angel before it swung its blade at her. She cannot die to him just yet, for she still had a promise to fulfill. Zessica mans a third unused vector and flies into the dimension gate meeting with Sharde and Amata. Together, the three would create Spada again with Sharde as the head. The Shadow Angel would drop Aquarion to attack Spada, but Sharde would set him in a trap and defeat the Shadow Angel.

The Shadow Angel would explode, causing them to disassemble and possibly knock off course, Kagura would return to Altair, but Izumo tells his men to set up an ambush so that Kagura could not have the Rare Igarus by himself. With Aquarion now out there somewhere in the dimensional field, where will it land in the end. With Aquarion gone, Vega was starting to turn amok as its plates slowly start to regress and lose the support of life. Mikage states that it was now time for Zessica to fulfull her promise. With only four more episodes to go, how will the fate of Altair and Vega come about?


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