Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san: Episode 8

The memory of her confession to him still echoes inside his head the next day when he goes souvenir shopping with everyone. Nyaruko continues to find every possible way to get into his mother’s good side, and he does not know whether she was serious or just being herself. Still, Mahiro cannot let this distract him any longer and acts like himself again. He bumps into a box filled with games, one of which was an odd-looking console. Since everyone was curious as to what type of game it is, Mahiro decides to turn it on.

To his surprise, Mahiro finds himself waking up inside his room. His mother, acting bubbly, tries to get him out of bed to leave the house. As he walks to school, Nyaruko bumps into him in the stereotypical fashion with bread in her mouth, due to the positioning, Nyaruko would call him a pervert, stating that she cannot get married anymore. The name of his school changed, and Kuuko would walk up to him acting very familiar with him. Before he hears to class, Hasuta would walk up to him in a basketball attire. Inside the classroom, Takehiko would act as a perfect NPC while Tamao acts like a regular student. With everyone’s odd personalities, Mahiro wonders what was going on.

Luhy would take him to the nurses office and explains that he is actually inside the game when he turned on the console. Because they were sucked inside the game, the only way out was to complete the game with a good end with one of the heroines in the game: Nyaruko, Kuuko, Hasuta, and Tamao. Luhy could not stay here for much longer to help him out, so it was now up to Mahiro to figure out how this was going to end in the end. Although Luhy disappears, it seems as though everyone was wary about the game contents from the start. Nyaruko will do whatever it takes to make sure flags are set up such that she will be the victor. Kuuko would push Hasuta on Mahiro so that she and Nyaruko can be together. Hasuta will try to be more aggressive since they are in a game. All three of them can see the ending of how this will go.

The three of them do whatever they can to win Mahiro’s heart. Nyaruko would state that she will drown herself, but Kuuko would stop her for her own desires. Hasuta would feign sickness so that he can be alone with Mahiro in the nurse’s office. He would then be alone with Kuuko, who claims to be from a data organization and attempts to slay Mahiro to find out about Nyaruko’s reaction. Mahiro would then find himself at an auditorium where Nyaruko, in a bunny outfit, was going to sing, only to be stopped by Mariho. The two would then be working part-time at a restaurant where Kuuko would try to intervene in order to be Nyaruko’s only. Mahiro was already having a tiring day.

Mahiro comes back home with no energy left. His mother would try to provide him some energy until he tells her to stop her facade as well. His mother then tells her he has to choose someone sooner or later. Mahiro states that someone will confess to him in the end, so he might as well just go with the flow and not do anything. With that mindset, he spends several days and months living an unchoosing lifestyle, and letting the flow of the game take up his time. However, this lifestyle will go against him. Since Nyaruko wants to make sure this ends properly, she suggest having a hand-to-hand fight in the final flag event known as Valentine’s Day. Here, Nyaruko, Kuuko, and Hasuta would dress up in battle attire and fight for the right to get a true end with Mahiro.

Meanwhile, while all of that was happening, Tamao would lock herself inside a gym storage room with Mahiro, trying to start up a surprise ending of her own. Mahiro tells her to cut it out, even if this was a game. However, Tamao was actually quite serious about getting an ending with Mahiro. In fact, Tamao tells him that she loves him as well. While Tamao actually looked very serious when saying that, Mahiro treated as an attempt for her to set a flag with him. While Tamao said he found her out, she really did look serious there. It makes me wonder why she was not as heavily focused as the three aliens mentioned.

So, the final day arrives, and Mahiro waits at the tree where there was a high confession rate. Here, Nyaruko would walk up to him, battered from the fight she just had with Kuuko and Hasuta. Mahiro knows that he has to end this game with a kiss, but he cannot bring himself to so it. However, Nyaruko states that she does indeed love him dearly and wishes for him to accept that. Having no other choice, Mahiro kisses her under the three. The group would return to their world, with none of them having any recollection of what just happened to them, except for Mahiro. Luhy came to check if everyone was okay, but it seems as if she was worried over nothing. However, when they were done shopping for souvenirs, it seems as though Nyaruko was happy about something, but will not say what it is.


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