Recorder To Randseru: Episode 22

Atsushi is having trouble deciding what to wear, so Atsumi tells him to wear whatever he wants to school for today. After searching through multiple clothes, Atsushi finally decides to wear some hand-me-downs provided by Take-nii. The hand-me-downs would be a transparent black undershirt that he would only wear to school.

The kids in his class would be curious as to what type of shirt he was wearing. However, when Moriyama-sensei walks in, she would highly blush because his body would be partially visible to her. She tells him that it was the type of clothing that one should have something else worn above it. She asks him to wear his gym uniform, but they do not have PE today. She asks him to wear an apron, but he was not in charge of lunch duty. He decides to take it off, but she tells him to keep it on anyway.

Atsushi asks his friends whether or not it looks weird on him. Tetsuya and Takumi stated that it does look cool, but it appears strange on him. Hina, Jun, and Midori, however, have nothing to comment on, for it was hard for them to say whether or not it was okay. However, Hina thinks that because it was Atsushi, it should be something okay to wear. After school. Hina would tell him that she would like it more if he just wore the usual attire he wears rather than something as strange as that. Atsushi thanks her for telling him this, and the two would attempt to hold hands and walk home together, only to have the police stop him once more.


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