Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Episode 8

Teiichi desperately tells her that it is him. Although Yuuko spoke his name, she also said goodbye to him. She stated that he would only make her suffer; therefore, they should not see each other again. Yuuko gets further proof from his injured leg. Because his leg injury happened because of her, they really should not meet again. Teiichi tries one more time, but Yuuko refuses it, asking who was he once more.

Clearly, Yuuko was not acting like herself, but with Teiichi still in shock of what she said to him, how can he not be shaken up. Kirie, who was with him, thinks that maybe she was able to sever her memory by her own will. Kirie asked if they fought before, but Teiichi replies that they have not. However, it was the truth that Yuuko pushed him down the steps, be it from ill thoughts or possession. Kirie claims that this was amnesia, stating that because she was able to part away form her bad memories, her outlook on life would be cheerful as they would always see her. However, because she severed her memories of him, she would not be the Yuuko that he has been with all this time, for there was no memories of her. Kirie asks what he will do now, of which he claims that they have have to disband their club if Yuuko can part away from her past. However, Kirie asks if he is going to continue his relationship with her. Because he does not say anything, Kirie takes this as that he will stop pursuing her, meaning that Teiichi was currently open for a relationship. Kirie tells him that she can be his love interest instead, since she is related to Yuuko to some degree, but Teiichi could not do it. How could he?

Slowly, Teiichi was losing his sense of self, as if his mindset was slipping away from him. With Yuuko’s amnesia, what is he to her? More importantly, can Teiichi really love on thinking that Yuuko does not remember him anymore. While Teiichi wants to do something he cannot. The fear of rekindling what happened previously with her would make him not face his own fears about what he should do. From my eyes, he is acting more and more of a wimp who believed he had everything, but when a situation calls, he takes a step back from it. While his actions are understandable, it seems like the him that he have seen the past episode was a facade, and this would be his personality given if he were alone.

The thought of meeting Yuuko again could cause him to collapse both physically and mentally, but Momoe just happened to be there when he was at his lowest point. Here, Momoe would offer her hand in helping him move around while he was still injured. Momoe would even go as far as feeding him despite not having a broken hand. Of course, this would be Momoe’s chance to try to get closer to him. Momoe asks if he was going to come back to club, but she believes not until he was fully healed. She tries to feed him again, but, this time, her chopsticks would be forcefully slapped from her hand like last time. While Momoe still treats this as her hand slipped, Teiichi may or may not know that Yuuko was the one that did it. Rather, because Teiichi was starting to forget about Yuuko, he would not be able to see her like before.

Days pass with the same things happening again, as Teiichi and Momoe slowly start to become closer to one another. However, the closer they become, the more it puts a negative reaction on Yuuko as various other supernatural evens occur around him. Of course, this would all be Yuuko’s doing, but Teiichi was unable to see her anymore. However, Kirie continues to observe Teiichi’s actions, worried if this was truly the correct way to solve this matter. Kirie would not be able to handle this any longer and talks to Teiichi once more. However, it appears as though he is suffering from amnesia as well. Rather, he was purposefully not thinking about Yuuko for his own mental sake in order to stay sane. Kirie cannot stand seeing either him behaving this way or Yuuko feeling so glum and left out. Kirie goes on to tell him that, while she will respect any decision he makes, it was because of Yuuko’s personality that made her the girl that she is today. Before she can say any more, she was pulled away from Teiichi from a powerful force, most likely by the work of Yuuko as well.

Teiichi would eat with Momoe once more. When Momoe goes out to buy some drinks, Teiichi would look into her notebook, only to find a picture of him and Yuuko under a love umbrella. Here, Teiichi would be reminded of the one he used to care about, the one whom he had feelings for for so long. When Momoe comes back, her two friends appeared behind her, measuring Teiichi to see if he was qualified to be with her before leaving. Momoe would treat this as a push to tell him her feelings. Momoe first asks if he as someone whom he likes already. Teiichi would think hard of how to respond, wondering if he could truly forget about Yuuko even when he knows she has no recollection of him anymore. Can he still love her? Can they still go back to the way things once were?

Teiichi states that he does, gambling on the chance that he can make her remember who he is. While this disappointed Momoe, she accepted the fact that he has someone. Teiichi leaves her to go to the clubroom, but Kirie tells him that it was pointless to do so, for he could not even see her. However, Teiichi refuses to believe this was it, stating that as long the memories are within his heart, he will be fine, and as long as the memories are in Yuuko’s heart, he just has to take them out and make her remember who he is. That was how much he cared about her. Teiichi enters the clubroom and shouts out her name to have her come inside from the front. Teiichi takes her hand and brings her to the rooftop, the place where it all began, where they used to have fun with each other, where they talked, laughed, sleep, and ate together. A place where most of their warm memories were stored.

At the rooftop, Yuuko asks who he was. Teiichi responded that he was the one who has spent most of his days with her, the one whom created the club to figure out her past, and, more importantly, the one whom wanted to know what was in her heart, because he loves her. Yet, Yuuko asks why he said that but still showed a sad face. Teiichi walked up to her, asking her to remember. Even if it was too much to ask, at least, she should not forget about her from this point onward. While walking up to her, Teiichi loses his step and falls on top of her and touched the exact same place where he first touched her. This would lighten Yuuko’s eyes, as she finally remembers the love she had for him. Yuuko would hug him, stating that she loves her just as much as he does. Unfortunately, Momoe would be there to see all of this, concluding that Yuuko was the one whom Teiichi had fallen in love with all along. Teiichi was not about to deny that.

Things will not be that easy, as Kirie would investigate for herself why Yuuko chose to separate her memories and where they went. Shadow Yuuko would appear in front of her, repeating what Yuuko said previously: who are you?


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