ISML 2012: Amethyst Period: Day 1 Fantasy/Prediction

The Amethyst period schedule has revealed itself as the contestants go on for another try for another necklace. Here are some matches that people might want to invest on:


Arena 8: Can Homura go any lower than she already has? Hopefully not, but Kasugano Sora, despite currently acting as a Tier & character, has had more experiences in the ISML playing field than Homura. This would be a good test to see whether or not she is able to defeat at least everyone of Tier 7. She should be able to do so without any problems, but Sora may prove to be an obstacle to overcome. Homura should be able to win this one, though.

Arena 10: This should be a very close match in its own right. Iwasawa Masami and Konoe Subaru are relatively close in terms of strength. I am expecting Masami to win this one, but I will not be bothered with Subaru happens to win here instead.

Arena 14: Another should be close match for the two are relatively close in strength. I have Elucia de Lute Ima winning this one since Aragaki Ayase seems to be waning in terms of strength.


Arena 29: Now, this is an interesting match in and of its own right. Izumi Konata and Sanzen’in Nagi have been exchanging blows since the inauguration of ISML to see who the better otaku is. I believe the current score between them right now is 2-2. This match would definitely deliver the final blow as to who will get their say when everything is said and done. I think Nagi should win this one since Lucky Star seems to be falling.

Arena 33: A similar situation to the above, but both of them have been waning in terms of strength. If anything though, Hiiragi Kagami should still have no trouble defeating Furukawa Nagisa. Even so, Nagisa is no pushover, but I think she is going to lose in this fight.


Arena 19: A personal favorite of mine, but heavily lopsided. Rozen Maiden has appaently been forgotten in the ISML crowd, but still manages to appear at every preliminary round. Just having Tōsaka Rin in that match would heavily favor her as she can take the two dolls out whenever she wants to. Matō Sakura is there for compensation, just in case Rozen Maiden actually wins this one.

Arena 38: I should watch Inu x Boku if more of those pairings keep happening, or maybe that is the last pairing out of the series. Still, Victorique de Blois does have the experience factor and Kujō Kazuya is a bit polarized on whether one likes or dislikes him. Still, I think Victorique and Kazuya should have enough power to take out Roromiya Karuta and Watanuki Banri.


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