Medaka Box: Episode 9

I have to say, there really seems to be nothing that Medaka cannot do. Medaka’s strong love for her council members as well as everyone else in the school unconsciously makes them adapt to whatever things that Medaka does and perceives it as normal. However, there are still some students out there who detest such a lifestyle that she has and will do anything to crush her, the most prominent one being disciplinary leader Myouri.

Before she confronts her latest suggestion, she happens to bump into Hansode, who was eating food nonstop like her normal self. Hansode usually teases her in how perfect she is and how she has no flaws thus far, a trait that she highly detests. Even so, Medaka goes on to ask her if she wanted to be the vice president for the council, of which she easily rejects since they both know they hate each other with a passion. Yet, Medaka does not mind that she hates her. More so, she would enjoy it if she does. With all of the members seemingly smitten by her, she needs someone to snap them back to their work, and who better to put in position than someone who purposefully does not follow anyone’s flow other than herself. While Hansode would think about it, it is highly likely that the transaction would not be completed.

Harigane bumps into the two of them as well, much to her dismay. Apparently, she was sent to go to the orchestra room where surrounding students have complained that they are making too much loud noises, which is what should be expected from an orchestra. Coincidentally, it was the exact same suggestion that Medaka received that she was about to talk to. However, when all three of them enter the room, not only was it mostly barren, the room itself was completely destroyed. The one responsible for this was none other than Myouri, the youngest student in their school and leader of the disciplinary team. He was also tasked to take care of the orchestra club as well; however, with his motto that justice is not justice unless one goes overboard, this would be nowhere near a peaceful transaction. When the club president took lightly of his actions, that was the height of their downfall, as shown with the completely torn up room.

Myouri outright tells her that he is declaring war against her and the council, throwing a vacuum punch at her head, barely missing. Yet, Medaka stands tall, believing that there was no reason for them to fight. Myouri throws another one at her chin, creating a direct hit, yet Medaka still claims that they have no reason to fight. Myouri compares him and Medaka as two separate paths that lead to the same goal. Medaka claims that while they have different ideals, it was possible for them to compromise and forge one direct road. Yet, Myouri states that they two can never mix, and, to prove it, he sent three assassins each to take out all three of the remaining council  members. Medaka asks Hansode to stop him, something that she would have never done before, while she takes off to save her classmates. However, Myouri would send another blow at her, yet she manages to create a substitute despite the pain. Myouri chases after her, but Hansode blocks the way, usually not thinking about helping Medaka in the first place. She claims that since he upholds his philosophy so much, he cannot harm her since she has not done any wrong. When he asks Harigane if she ate out of lunchtime again, Harigane would tell him no, meaning that she is slowly softening up to Medaka and her ways. With that, Myouri cannot leave the room until Hansode leaves herself.

Although it is not confirmed if Mogana can put up a fight, I am sure that Zenkichi and Kouki would be able to take care of themselves and their opponents. Yet, Medaka runs so that they do not have to go thoruhg all of that, becuase she wants them to live their life to the fullest without knowing the bad aspects about the world. Quickly, she would do anything to take out the assassins an make sure that everyone was alright. In retrospect, the students that see her acting wind and out-of-control treat it as a normal, everyday thing, believing that she must have a reason in acting like that. And it been anyone else, it would have been strange, yet they were fine if Medaka does it. Medaka seriously has the power to get people by her side and have them respect her just as much as she loves them. Of course, Medaka would be able to save all three of them even with several people blocking her way.It just exemplifies how great Medaka is.


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