Acchi Kocchi: Episode 9

Mayoi heard that Sakaki and Io were making a stand an asked why Io didn’t ask them for their help, of which he was going to do so later today. The stand Io and Sakaki were making was a crepe stand where Sakaki and Io would be making them based on Miko’s recipe. Hime would state that she had eaten some of their crepes before, which made Tsumiki jealous an wanting of one. Io promised that she would be the first to try out her crepe as soon as their stand opens, of which Tsumiki tells him to promise her, or else he would swallow a thousand needles, but, due to embarrassment, made it sound like he should samba for her, much to everyone’s confusion.

Because Sakaki and Io have not decided on what to wear, Mayoi bought some host club attires for them, which suited them very well. Of course, Hime and Tsumiki were enjoying Io’s outfit. When Mayoi takes Io’s glasses off, the two saw Io in a rather cooler light. Mayoi stated that Io should try wearing contacts on the day of the festival, but Io does not wish to because he finds it scary putting them on his eyes. The way he stated this along with his suit augmented his cuteness further. As Io, Tsumiki, Mayoi, and Hime were working on their class cafe, Sakaki informs them that they have he has reserved a good spot for them to open their shop. With this in mind, they were now ready to create their crepe stand.

The day before the festival would be very hectic as everyone was trying to rush make their festival a blast. Apparently, Io and Mayoi were creating the stand that would be highly technological for its time with solar power and sodium-battery charged stand as well as an attraction radar, much to Sakaki’s surprise. Io would also be making a suit for Tsumiki, by order of Mayoi, to wear, of which he asked Hime, who saw him making it, not to tell Tsumiki about it. Later, Mayoi would make yet another unnecessary invention using leftover scraps, only to have it break and puncture Sakaki in the head. Sakuragawa-sensei was patrolling the area to see how everyone was doing. Io asked if the class was okay without them, of which she answered that because Mayoi was not there with her silly antics, they were able to get things done much more quickly. Although a joke, Mayoi took it very seriously and was hurt. At night, Io would finish making the outfit. When Tsumiki saw what it was, she quickly did not wish to weak it. It took Sakaki and Mayoi’s words to trick her into wearing it, now seeing that it fitted her too well. When Hime wanted to find Tsumiki, she saw her on top of Io from a trip, causing a nose bleed.

The school festival day has arrived, but there was still time left to make the final preparations. Mayoi wanted Tsumiki to wake Io up, but Sakaki states that it would be impossible for her, for she will be unable to resist his innocent sleeping face. When Tsumiki went to wake him up, she was aroused by his sleeping face and even tried to kiss him. Io would take up to tell her good morning, only to have her erupt in front of him. Of course, Mayoi, Sakaki, and Hime would see this.

It was about time for their event to begin, so Mayoi states that they should change to their outfits. Mayoi and Hime would be wearing a dress and an apron that Sakaki bought for them, stating that they were supposed to look like newlyweds. Io enjoyed that connection, which made Tsumiki jealous and started to bite him, wanting to wear one herself. Mayoi and Sakaki would make her wear an apron on top of her cat costume, but that did not help either. Mayoi was about to wear her lab coat when Sakaki took it from her, stating that she should not wear it now that she is in uniform. Their class came over to see how they were doing, commenting not only on their attires but the fact that Sakaki had Mayoi’s coat, claiming him to be bold. As promised, Io would make his first crepe for Tsumiki. When she ate it, she was bliss. Mayoi wanted to try some as well, and she was also very happy.

After a few words from the broadcasting committee, the festival finally began. Their business was triving as they were quickly selling crepes due to their charms with their respective costume. Io’s neighbors came to have some as well, of course, also for Io to give them a smile, too. Because they were quickly selling their food, they were almost about to be sol out. Mayoi wanted Hime to put stamps on the ones that were sold out, but Hime instead was standing on the back of the line to make sure no one else enters the line for their crepes. The first day was finally over, so Mayoi and hime went to take a walk around, only to come over with a lot of balloons. They tie it Tsumiki, but Tsumiki was actually floating because she was carrying so many balloons.


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